🩲 No! Sleeping in panties is absolutely not a good idea!

Are you one of those people who think it’s a good idea to put on panties or boxer shorts to sleep in? Error ! Men or women, all on the same level … A study shows that sleeping in panties or underpants would be harmful to your health …

A tolerance is made for the pilou or the good old pajamas, but it is best to leave this part of the body outside during the night! Detailed explanations from gynecologists support these remarks … Which seems quite logical from a medical point of view. Explanations!

Everything naked to sleep!

According to Alyssa Dweck, an American gynecologist, wearing panties to sleep encourages the appearance of bacteria or yeast. If the private parts are covered with a thick cloth, moisture will build up and cause yeast infections or infections.

French infectious disease specialist and andrologist Jean-Marc Bohbot, who works at the Alfred Fournier Institute, explains that we don’t sleep with a sweater or gloves on. So why sleep with panties on?

And he explains that the friction of the fabric causes mechanical irritation, especially when that side of our personality is already fragile. According to Dr. Bohbot, wearing panties at night puts women’s vaginal health at risk. If the underwear worn is made of synthetic material, it retains moisture and increases body heat. He also doesn’t recommend cotton underwear for the night …

A boxer informs the genitals. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Estrada Anton

What if you really need a piece of clothing?

Specialists recommend wearing nightwear such as a COTTON nightgown or pajamas! And for the more cautious pajama pants or wide shorts, but no fabric that doesn’t stick to the skin!

And these recommendations also apply to men who, for example, compress their genitals on boxers. They even point out the risk of infertility … In short, everyone will do what they want, but they know that sleeping in the simplest device is the best for your health … Find the interview with Doctor Bohbot too this subject in Le Figaro.