30 km rule: We explain this movement limit, which applies during the new limitation

the essential 10 km or 30 km? The information on travel limits, which come into effect across the metropolis on Saturday evening, is sometimes difficult to grasp. We will help you to see the thorny issue of 30 km more clearly.

You won’t make it: from Saturday evening, April 3rd, you will have to fill out a certificate again for many of your trips. You may have doubts about how far you can travel to complete your excursion. The Exceptional Travel Certificate is not required if you are less than 10 km from your primary residence (however, you will need to have proof of address and ID with you). Beyond this distance, a legitimate reason must be stated on a properly completed certificate.

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However, in this document, in the section entitled “Travel within the Department of Housing”, the following sentence is specified: “Note: For people living on the borders of a department, a tolerance of 30 km outside the department is accepted.”

Department boundaries and more

How is this formulation to be understood? The prefectures contacted to answer this question asked us to look into the decree implementing the restrictive measures that have been applied in the 19 departments that have so far been under increased surveillance. Its very technical reading makes it possible to better understand the displacement limitation.

It all depends on the purpose of your trip. For certain reasons (health, childcare, work, etc.) there is no distance limit. On the other hand, for other very specific reasons, you are restricted to the boundaries of your department or to a radius of 30 km.

This rule applies to the following reasons:

– Basic purchases or withdrawals from orders

– Support for children in school and for extracurricular activities

– Cultural institution (libraries, media libraries, etc.) or place of worship

– Administrative or legal procedures

And this is how you understand this rule: If you live in Toulouse, you can make important purchases in your department, for example in Saint-Gaudens or Luchon. However, you cannot go to Albi (Tarn) or Pamiers (Ariège) to do your shopping, even with a certificate in hand. Your travel limit ends at the Haute-Garonne border. However, within a 30km radius of the Pink City, you can walk to very limited areas of adjacent departments as shown on the map below.

30 km radius around Toulouse CALCMAPS.COM

However, if you live in Fronton you can walk anywhere in Haute-Garonne, but also within 30 kilometers including Tarn-et-Garonne and Tarn. With your certificate you have the right to go shopping in Montauban. The limits of your trip will therefore stop at the limits of Haute-Garonne, which have been increased by a few km2 in Tarn-et-Garonne and in the Tarn.

30 km radius around Fronton CALCMAPS.COM

To calculate the 30 km radius, you can use any mapping application (e.g. Google Maps or even ViaMichelin) to check whether your destination is in your department or 30 km from your home. You can also use apps like Calcmaps.com, Mappy or coordinates-gps.fr that allow you to draw a 30 km circle around your home.

A 30 km circle around Toulouse MAPPY.COM A 30 km circle around Toulouse MAPPY.COM