300 people mobilized in Castres to find Eugene. The eighty-year-old mysteriously disappeared

The essentials The family of Eugène Parrilla, the eighty-year-old who disappeared from the Sidobre clinic in Castres in the Tarn region on Monday evening, organized a new fight in the Siala region that Thursday afternoon. Almost 300 people mobilized and walked around in small groups.

“Thank you very much …!” The emotions were more than palpable on this Thursday afternoon in the Decathlon car park in Siala in Castres. The meeting place for the family of Eugène Parrilla, an 88-year-old neuter, disappeared on Monday evening since he visited the nearby Sidobre Had left the clinic where he had been lying in a hospital since the morning after a serious fall in the garden of his house Lameilhé on the weekend.

Cars poured in from all sides. Women and men came out in sports shoes, some with walking sticks, rucksacks. Supporters of Castres Olympique, employees of Pierre Fabre, employees of the Red Cross … All with the same desire: to find Eugène Parilla.

“It’s nice to see so many people, we’re so touched. Thank you very much, thank you very much … “, Emmanuelle Parilla, one of the girls of the eighty year old, confided in tears. For them it’s a real race against time. “Now we have to find him, we want to say goodbye to him, we want to understand …”.

She hasn’t slept since Monday evening. “We are tormented and exhausted by my brothers and sisters. We imagine many things. He was all alone, he must have been cold and wondering where his kids were, including his wife … I think he was just thinking about it. And my father, when he has something on his mind, he never lets go. So we expect everything, ”added Emmanuelle Parilla desperately, who believes that her father wanted to go home Monday night so as not to leave his wife bedridden alone.

Eugène Parrilla’s family wants to keep hope. Photo DDM, Emilie Cayre

Three hours of research

Five groups crossed the area for a total of three hours. “We put ourselves in the shoes of these people. It is the solidarity of the heart that motivates, ”confided Christine to the group whose task it is to comb the fields above the Siala roundabout. A few meters away from her, Emmanuelle Parilla seemed dubious… “There are blackberry bushes, holes everywhere… I find it hard to believe that my father could have crossed this place. He had his whole head, but it still requires a lot of physical exertion there. And I can hardly see him venturing into the forest… ”she explained.

A little further on, Theo was on alert with one determined step. This young Castrese couldn’t get the first strike on Wednesday. This time he didn’t want to miss it. “I have lost a lot of relatives lately. So this story obviously touched me. And if I can do something, I’ll do it, ”he said.

Not a trace

A few hours earlier, a police dog was brought near the Lidl store in the Siala area. The day before, another police dog had followed a trail that came to a standstill at the Pause roundabout on the city street. Around noon a team of divers flew over the Durenque. With no results. “We went up the whole stream, we checked everything … But with the ice jams we would have seen whether there was a body,” said Bertrand Poupounot, Chief Warrant Officer.

Nothing works. No notice, no track has appeared since Tuesday. To this day, Eugene Parrilla cannot be found.

As a reminder: Eugène Parrilla is 1.63 m tall. He is thin, speaks with a heavy Spanish accent, and has no papers or phones with him. At the time of his disappearance, he was wearing a large gray vest with snowflake patterns and an anthracite-colored tracksuit. He’s wearing a pair of blue sneakers.

If you’ve seen it or have any information, contact the Castres Police Station on 05 63 62 01 20.

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