50 weddings in balance: the Maxou caterer is restarting and ensuring a maximum in the rhythm of madness

the essentials you wanted to get married in 2020! Unfortunately, everything had to be postponed to the horror of the caterers, whose economy is based, among other things, on this festive celebration. But this year the activity is resuming at a breakneck pace. Philippe Poisson, caterer in Maxou, makes the happy observation. He is overwhelmed. The couples call him to organize their evening … during the day.

We can love each other very much, even passionately, and admit that we don’t get pampered on our wedding night. Especially if it takes place in the afternoon. Romance under the stars will be for another summer.

Get married during the day, why not because the curfew will be changed to 9pm from May 19th. Under the Saveurs et Emotions brand in Philippou, Philippe Poisson cooks his juicy dishes to work in broad daylight. He, the night owl, used to spend festive and tasty evenings.

Great activity in the kitchen

The phone in his secretary’s office is currently overheating, as are his pots and his activities in full swing. In short, couples who have had to choose to leave their wedding rings in their boxes are ready to bring out tuxedos and wedding dresses to say yes in front of the mayor and say yes to the caterer for a day: the happiest day of 50 couples this one Summer.

“The activity is restarted well. We finally have a better view of our future. We have around fifty reservations by September. The couple really wanted to get married and not postpone this moment. So we had to adapt. These newlyweds party on Saturday afternoons while others prefer to get married on weekdays. You will also celebrate these celebrations during the day, ”emphasizes Philippe Poisson.

Maxous Caterer has an excellent reputation across the department and beyond. It can process multiple service requests on the same day.

Two planned settings

During the three terms of detention, times were difficult. “With 80% of the lost sales, the help received was invaluable,” admits the caterer.

During the first delivery, Philippe Poisson was keen to save his job and to pass it on to his partner Estelle Sabrou in the best possible conditions.

“I’ll hand it over at the end of the year. Everything is better now. I will even hire two employees to meet the demand in a sustainable way, ”he says, very happy to have survived the shock of the health crisis.

Philippe Poisson prepares the stage for weddings, no question for him to celebrate his company’s funeral. He puts it in the service of the bride and groom while a ring is placed on the finger.

30% postponements and new inquiries

The strong demand that Maxous Caterer can meet this summer corresponds to 30% of the postponed weddings. The others are the fruit of new romances that are often born during childbirth. These new couples rush to or contact Philippe Poisson to make an appointment.

Please note that there may not be space for everyone. Especially since the Lotois caterer has other festive tasks to fulfill for baptisms, birthdays, communions, family celebrations … What luck!

No question of fizz for Philippe Poisson. The only bubbles that count in its activity are that of champagne for the health of the bride and groom and all guests.

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