A 44-year-old cyclist suddenly dies of an illness near Toulouse

The Basics A 44-year-old man passed out while riding his bike in the heights of Plaisance-du-Touch, not far from Toulouse. When the help arrived on site, the cyclist was already dead.

Terrible accident this Friday in the middle of the afternoon in Department 82, Plaisance-du-Touch parish. On the heights of Plaissance, on the edge of Colomiers, at a point where the road tends to rise, a 44-year-old cyclist lost his balance and fell to the ground. When alerted, the firefighters thought they were helping a man in a car accident. In fact, this amateur cyclist was the victim of a malaise that was likely of cardiac origin.

On site, firefighters and a medical team from Smur 31 tried to resuscitate him. Despite the measures taken, this man living in Tournefeuille could not be saved. His death was declared on the spot by the Samu doctor. “The involvement of another vehicle has been ruled out,” confirmed the gendarmes, based on statements gathered on Boulevard Pierre and Marie Curie, the scene of the tragedy.

The public prosecutor’s office opened an investigation entrusted to the gendarmes of the Toulouse-Mirail company. To understand what might have caused this man’s fatal discomfort, prosecutors ordered an autopsy to be performed at the Rangueil Forensic Institute early next week.