A brilliant invention that provides light and clean drinking water almost free of charge to those who lack it

A device that supplies drinking water and light with free energy sources. Photo credit: Henry Glogau

In our country, and as in all industrialized countries, it is important to open a tap in order to have drinking water. However, in some disadvantaged countries this is clearly not the case. According to a report by WHO and UNICEF, every third person in the world has no access to drinking water!

To counteract this inequality, New Zealander Henry Glogau invents a device that supplies drinking water and light with free energy sources. Henry Glogau’s invention is the winner of the Lexus Design Awards 2021 … We don’t know if he will win, but his invention deserves to be known … and recognized!

Specifically, Henry Glogau’s solution consists of a skylight that hangs from the ceiling with a solar desalination system. The skylight uses solar energy to illuminate houses at night and convert salt water into drinking water.

On the operating side, the skylight works thanks to the evaporation of the sea water caused by solar energy. Seawater enters a bowl-shaped skylight through a pipe in a nearby well. Solar energy is then used to distill the salt water. The skylight has a tap to extract distilled water and is therefore drinkable. As for light, the residual brine from water purification is used to generate an electrical charge.

#LexusDesignAward 2021 finalist # 5: Producing drinking water from seawater with solar desalination, by Henry Glogau # ExperienceAmazing # LDA2021https: //t.co/DhEWI4ek4T pic.twitter.com/a2NAKWLlQp

– Lexus News Europe (@Lexus_EU) February 2, 2021

This relatively simple device has already been tested in the Chilean city of Antofagasta and has been very successful. The device is inexpensive, uses clean energy and brings drinking water to places where it is lacking … An invention that could change the lives of many people around the world … We wish her the best of luck for this little girl – Skylight deserves!