A building threatens to collapse in the center of Toulouse, fire fighters are on site

The essentials A weakened building threatens to collapse. A security area is available.

The firefighters have been on duty since 3:45 p.m. on Rue André-Mercadier in downtown Toulouse. A two-story building at number 16 is about to collapse. The tenants of the ten apartments were evacuated.

In the street, some stick their heads out of the window. Many wonder what is going on. They are forced to review their trip in order to return home. A neighbor says: “I came home around 6 pm. The road was blocked. Nobody explained too much to me.” “It must be in a different building than mine,” analyzes a young man who came to the end of the street to collect his food from a delivery man.

The ground floor of the structure of this building is weakened by a crack. A team of fire service specialists is on site to assess the risks. A security area prevents anyone from approaching the building or entering the street, be it from Rue Gabriel-Péri or Rue de la Colombette. A support car is on site. The city police secure the area. There are no unfortunate victims.