A burning apartment in Cahors: 13 people were hospitalized

The essentials A major fire caused great damage to an apartment in Cahors late on Saturday evening. Some people were taken to safety while others were taken to the Cahors Hospital Center. History.

On Saturday evening, just before midnight, the Cahors firefighters attacked a three-story building in downtown Cahors at number 5 rue de l’Université to put out a fire that had just broken out in the apartments at that address .

Very quickly, the Cahors firefighters were joined by other rescuers from several rescue centers, including that of Lalbenque.

The great scope used

At the height of the intervention, 60 firefighters were present at this location, which was infiltrated by flames and thick black smoke. The large scale had to be used.

The national police and the Samu 46 were also there. The firefighters were concerned to immediately evacuate the people present in this area under the grip of the flames and a possible spread of it.

Firefighters fought for several hours with the large ladder that was set up along the three-story building. Photo DR

In this way 16 people were brought to safety and 13 were taken directly to Cahors Hospital after inhaling very unpleasant fumes. However, her health was not a concern.

Of the 13 people admitted to the hospital, only one was followed for further investigation. An investigation has been launched to determine the exact circumstances of the fire.