A candidate for the 2020 local elections was found dead on the Somme

The essentials A young man was found dead this Saturday morning on a street in a residential area in the city of Péronne (Somme). The latter were candidates in the Picardy local elections in 2020 in the list of various rights.

The young man was a candidate in the 2020 local elections in the city of Peronne (Somme) with almost 7,500 inhabitants. Pierre-Axel Blondel was found dead in the middle of a residential area on the morning of May 1st. Amiens prosecutors said they had opened an investigation into the discovery of the body.

An autopsy of the young victim’s body revealed that the politician had been hit by a car on Friday night.

The search brigade and research department of the Amiens Gendarmerie said they were looking for the vehicle that caused the death of the young man, according to FranceInfo. It is currently impossible to know whether this is a deliberate act or not.

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