A company in Yvelines launches the first anti-Covid disinfection portal

In terms of innovation, this Covid 19 crisis seems to have fired creative minds … We were familiar with masks, hydroalcoholic gel, tunnels for disinfecting shopping trolleys … But also with somewhat crazier inventions such as helmets in the shape of an Indian virus or the Alien Facehugger Mask …

It may now be necessary to reckon with a French invention that is not a device but an additional protection. First Distribution Soveclat (FDS), based in Sartrouville (78), specializes in hygiene products, adding a cord to its bow! For a few weeks now, it has been offering the intelligent atomization disinfection tunnel imported by Medica Guard. Presentation.

How it works ?

Like the metal detectors at airports, the disinfection tunnel is presented as a portal under which customers have to pass. The maximum height is 2.40 m and the tunnel offers space for a car or a wheelchair. In five seconds the customer is disinfected and can do his business in the store.

The disinfection tunnel has three levels:

Ultraviolet light and ultrasound, which weaken the virus or at least its shell, Hypochlorous acid, which attacks the core of the virus.

Thanks to this triple effect, 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and germs would be eradicated.

Is it dangerous for the user?

Obviously no, it is not dangerous for the user, no chlorine shower in prospect! The atomization brings a cool breeze to the face, but nothing more. In addition, each of the components can be activated independently of the others. For a content of 25 liters, 25 hypochlorous acid tablets are required, which enables the passage of 2000 people.

And despite the word “chlorine” in its name, hypochlorous acid is not a bleach. It is an antiseptic that is already used against bacteria, fungi and viruses in the dental field. This device is intended for supermarkets and public places … disinfection has become the norm in many places, so you might as well get used to it right away!

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