A Frenchman decrypts the encrypted message on the parachute of the Perseverance Rover!

The landing of the Perserverance rover has not stopped breaking into news outlets since February 18. It would almost make us forget the health situation in today’s world! While most viewers “simply” watched the images of Mars, others tried to decipher a message on the rover.

In fact, during their launch, NASA warned that they sometimes incorporated a message into their work … and invited internet users to try to discover and decipher it! And these are two French internet users who would have managed to decipher the hidden message …

“Dare Mighty Things” is the message that Maxence Abela, a student at Epitech, Computer School, and his father were able to decipher. That message, written on the parachute sail, would translate into “Dare to Great Things,” the slogan of NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), where Perseverance was made.

The young Frenchman explains in a tweet that has since been adopted by NASA how he came to this decryption. Be careful, it’s getting complicated! NASA introduced a binary code in 0 and 1 thanks to the red and white colors of the parachute sail. By eliminating certain parts of the sail, the codes represented letters of the alphabet in three columns …

Here is the explanation: pic.twitter.com/DpbwEXvJcB

– Abela_Paf (@FrenchTech_paf) February 22, 2021

It was then enough to put them together to read “Dare Mighty Things”! And apparently the GPS location of the manufacturer JPL was also legible on the outer part of the wing! Since then, the rover has given us Mars sounds and other incredible images for us Earthlings!

A controversy that is growing!

While this landing on Mars is a true scientific achievement, the amounts committed for this expedition ($ 2.5 billion) are controversial. At a time when the whole earth is counting its dead, this grandiose expedition is losing its splendor. In any case, many people think so … But science has to move forward too, maybe this wasn’t the best time for perseverance?

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