A huge asparagus of 99 cm and 700 g that was harvested in Gironde

The essential Château La Blanchetterie in Braud-et-Saint-Louis in Gironde has harvested asparagus almost a meter long.

Unbelievable ! A huge asparagus grew in the garden of a castle in Gironde, the castle of La Blanchetterie in the Blayais. It is 99 centimeters long and weighs 700 grams!

Celine Giraud, the owner, still can’t believe her eyes. “It is an asparagus that we let grow on purpose. From a moment on, the asparagus will develop into ‘wilts’, and this, no, it stayed in the asparagus,” explains Celine Giraud daily. Southwest.

The estate where this gigantic asparagus was grown has vines and a hundred hectares of grain.

The asparagus will not end up on the owners’ plates because it was “in poor condition”. It’s more likely to land in the Guinness Book of Records …

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