A Japanese designer invents an umbrella that turns into a chair!

He invents an umbrella that turns into a chair … Photo credit: Yanagisawa Sera

March is usually the month of the famous “showers”! Even if they aren’t actually shown at the moment, there are still around twenty days! And whoever says “shower” says umbrella! Japanese designer Yanagisawa Sera, did he have bad experiences with pouring rain?

We don’t really know how he came up with the idea of ​​an umbrella that turns into a chair! To be honest, we don’t get the whole point of the gadget either, but it does exist. Maybe a booster seat when visiting a loved one? Or a way to get a seat to wait for the bus?

This chair umbrella called Hide & Seek Furniture looks like a classic umbrella in every way. But an extra layer hidden in the mechanism makes it possible to turn it into a chair! The designer has designed this umbrella in such a way that the seat always stays dry, so that it can also be used when it is wet.

As soon as the umbrella handle is unfolded and the ribs transform into feet, the inner canvas becomes a seemingly comfortable seat! A cool device that might pique the curiosity of some, provided they weigh no more than 150 pounds!

An additional layer hidden in the mechanism allows it to be transformed into a chair. Photo credit: Yanagisawa Sera

On the other hand, you have to choose an umbrella or a chair! Indeed, once turned into a chair, the Japanese umbrella no longer offers protection. Pity ! We don’t know if it will be marketed, only a prototype has been made at the moment, but you can follow its progress on the designer’s website.

Granted, there is a great temptation to categorize it as a “useless object,” but design is also about creating something to create it, and not necessarily using a utility.

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