A journalist from France 3 attacked during a report in the Ardèche

The basics A journalist from France 3 was attacked while reporting in a village in the Ardèche.

A journalist from France 3 was injured on Saturday 27 March by a blow to her camera while reporting in a village in the Ardèche, according to the station’s management, which denounces “unbearable aggression”.

The reporter from the Aubenas office was about to conduct an interview at the Vans store when a man intervened and yelled, “Aren’t you ashamed to answer them?” The attacker fled before he was arrested by the gendarmes.

“The information department of France Televisions, the management of the regional network of France 3 and the regional management of France 3 Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes strongly condemn this intolerable attack on a journalist in the course of his business in order to lodge and lodge a complaint,” according to one Statement.

The France 3 team reported in Les Vans that a week after a festive meeting, 2000 people gathered around a concert by the group HK and Saltimbanks, whose song “Danser encore” became a protest anthem against health restrictions. A new rally was announced on Saturday morning in Les Vans and the police force had been mobilized in large numbers by the department’s prefecture.