A new “social village” is being built in Villeurbanne with small houses for isolated women.

In a February 21 article, we announced the imminent arrival of a tiny house village in Lyon. This village was intended for young people in precarious situations. The metropolis of Lyon seems to have chosen the tiny houses as alternative accommodation for people in difficulty.

In Villeurbanne, in the eastern suburbs of Lyon, 17 new tiny houses were installed at the “La Base” location. They have been welcoming isolated women and their children since the beginning of March. These microhouses, which are much cheaper than accommodation in hotels or social hotels, but also ecological, seem to be favored by the local authorities. By the end of June, 200 places will be available throughout the metropolis.

The 17 small houses therefore welcome isolated women with children under 3 years of age. The village is managed by the Le Mas association. The 200 places promised by the end of June will be deducted from the 800 hotel fees for the metropolis of Lyon. After the 3rd arrondissement and Villeurbanne, a third location was supposed to accommodate this type of “emergency accommodation”.

Why this craze for tiny houses in Lyon?

At the Métropole de Lyon, it is explained that these small houses are easily removable and mobile and offer collective living spaces … but which allow the autonomy of the people housed. It’s a very quick fix when a temporary social remodel is urgently needed. In addition, the ecological coast enables these people in difficulty to reconnect with the environment. To work for your well-being too!

This morning we inaugurated the tiny house in @villeurbanne with @RenaudPayre and @brunobernard_fr, which is managed by the Le Mas association: 17 families who were previously accommodated in the hotel are regaining rights and dignity with their children @cvansty # hospitality pic. Twitter.com/ R6aV3iJRA5

– Agnès Thouvenot (@Athouvenot) April 15, 2021

Bruno Bernard, President of the Métropole de Lyon, recalls the commitment of the agglomeration in the fight against homelessness. And hopes that the tiny houses will gradually replace the emergency accommodation in centers or social hotels.

As a reminder: A one-year emergency shelter in a social hotel costs € 8,000 per person … A tiny house € 32,000 and it is possible to accommodate 4 people. Lyon’s tiny houses would therefore pay for themselves in just a year!

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