A new study shows that your smartphone collects very confidential data!

We already knew that we were being largely spied on by our smartphones, computers or smart speakers. Have you ever searched the internet for a product and then found dozens of offers for that particular product? A recent study by two researchers goes even further to spy on your smartphone.

And only with geolocation … Thanks to a special application and a group of 69 volunteers, they were able to receive very personal information. And that’s pretty scary! Your smartphone is probably spying on you more than you imagine!

Be careful, your smartphone is spying on you

Specifically, this study shows that geolocation activated during your trip, but also in your applications, can reveal unexpected information. To conduct this study, they created a “trackadvisor” application and followed 69 volunteers on all of their trips.

At the end of this study, 200,000 locations appeared in 2,500 different locations … and among these locations 5,000 very personal information such as the religion of the testers or the socio-economic situation or even the health …

Let’s imagine you have a disease like cancer and you go to a cancer center … Logical! Your smartphone can therefore estimate that you have cancer! But he can also appreciate that you are unemployed if you go to Pôle Emploi !! The smartphone also tracks your shopping and leisure habits, etc.

Artificial intelligence is to blame!

It is, in fact, artificial intelligence that analyzes our data. According to one of the researchers, Mateo Benni, the continuous learning techniques of our smartphones enable the collection of sensitive data such as user habits, home or medical appointments.

To counteract this espionage, the researchers are developing an application that can warn users before their data is being collected. In the meantime, remember to disable your smartphone’s location whenever you go to a place you want to keep to yourself!