A scientific study shows that your dog won’t be fooled … he’ll know when you’re lying to him!

When you are sad, your dog will comfort you and lie down next to you. When you are happy, he will turn into a kangaroo and jump next to you. But did you ever wonder if you knew when you lied to her? Dogs are intelligent, that’s not good news, rather obvious !!

Researchers have studied their ability to know that we are leading them in a boat. And it looks like the dog won’t be fooled if you pretend you’re throwing a ball at him or offering him a treat that doesn’t exist.

A 2014 study published in Animal Cognition explains that dogs can tell a reliable person apart from someone who lies to them. This study was carried out on 34 dogs of different breeds. The researchers had the containers whether or not they held food. In the first phase of the study, all containers offered food. The dogs then rushed to try it.

In the second phase, the researchers encouraged the dogs to go into an empty container. Several dogs tried to eat … to no avail. In the third phase, the researchers refilled the containers without the dogs being able to see them. Then they urged them to eat again … When they thought the researchers were trying to fool them again, only 15% of the 34 dogs made their way to the bowls.

It is social intelligence that would show that a dog knows when its master is lying to him. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Marina Marinkin

“These results suggest that not only do dogs find it easy to understand pointing gestures, but they can also use the accuracy of their cues to draw conclusions about the reliability of humans in changing their future behavior,” the researchers conclude.

Different types of intelligence in dogs

Researchers estimate a dog’s intelligence to be that of a 2 to 3 year old child. And they divide the intelligence of dogs into different types:

Instinctive, linked to Race Adaptive, linked to its adaptation to the work and obedience environment, linked to the ability to learn from human linguistics that enables them to learn and understand social or emotional words

And it is social intelligence that would show that a dog knows when its master is lying to him. The next time you try to deceive your dog by pretending to pet another dog or by throwing a hypothetical toy at him, he might just yell at you … because he can do that too, if he doesn’t like something. Not !

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