A small and 100% ecological little house to discover in Brittany!

A small wooden house (photo illustration). Photo credit: Shutterstock / Inrainbows

Independent living in a low-tech world is a bit like what Clément Chabot experienced in his tiny house for a year and a half. Clément and Pierre-Alain Lévêque started a life in a small, low-tech house near Concarneau in Brittany.

A life in a tiny house that is as simple as possible, but above all, it proved to the two engineers that we can live with low-tech equipment without suffering from the lack of high-tech. They entrusted Reporterre magazine with their small home life and the way they work. Presentation.

What is low tech?

In Cléments and Pierre-Alain’s tiny house, the devices are low-tech. Twelve low-tech devices ensure the functions of the tiny house:

Hot air sensor Solar water heater Larder at the window Water recuperator Photovoltaic modules Mass oven

Several innovations that ultimately made a pleasant living environment possible for the two designers.

A low tech lab association

Since 2012, Pierre-Alain and Clément have founded a Low Tech Lab association that seeks and experiments with sober technological innovations. The aim of this association is to prove that a better life is possible in a sober way and especially with less than we are used to.

[📣PRESSE] In Reporterre, the daily ecology, Clément looks back on a year of daily experiments in a …

Posted by Low-Tech Lab on Tuesday March 9th, 2021

To complete the low-tech system, the tiny house is oriented to capture the light as much as possible. And for some time now, Clément has been trying to adapt its low-tech innovations to renovation locations in Brittany. A high school heating system should be based entirely on lean technology.

A great idea that should gain ground … We don’t have to live with high tech at every level … Clever inventions can make our lives easier while remaining economical and ecological at the same time.

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