A Swedish scientific study claims that adopting a dog would be great for your health!

Adopting a dog would have many health benefits for the owner! Image Credit: Shutterstock / WAYHOME Studio

Have you decided to adopt a dog? It’s a good idea because shelters are overcrowded and lots of dogs (or cats) are waiting for new families. By adopting, you make an animal happy, but you also improve your cardiovascular health.

A scientific study carried out by Swedish researchers and published in the journal Nature confirms that adopting a dog would have many health benefits for the owner! We remind you that accepting a responsible act that obliges you for the life of the dog … The abandonment is punishable by a fine of € 30,000 and a prison sentence of 2 years. Deciphering the Study!

The study in detail

The researchers looked at the interactions between humans and dogs … and those interactions would allow the owner to have better cardiovascular health than humans without a dog. To this end, they followed a panel of 3.4 million people aged 40 to 80 for 12 years. Some have a dog, some don’t. And the result was this: dog owners developed fewer cardiovascular diseases than others. The death rate from cardiovascular disease was also lower than that of people without a dog.

The results

The better health of dog owners can be explained by two factors.

The dog provides social support, forcing the owner to interact with others, and protecting him from loneliness. The dog needs physical activity from his master in order to go out, play, feed him. Dog owners developed fewer cardiovascular diseases than others. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Thirawatana Phaisalratana

Obviously there is no longer any need to prove that the presence of an animal offers many advantages. Other scientific studies suggest that the presence of a dog would decrease the owner’s doctor visits. And of course, having a dog at home soothes children and adults alike. On average, a dog owner over 65 would walk 22 minutes more each day than a person without a pet.

But social interactions also have a lot to do with it … Talking to and cuddling your dog increases the production of oxytocin (the hormone of loving bonding), lowers cortisol levels and thus regulates the human metabolism. Are you ready to adopt a dog and get better? If you decide to pass the course, don’t forget to identify it by microchip and a Petlink medal that we recently presented to you.