A tattoo from a distance with a robot attached in 5g

The robot controlled by 5G was able to tattoo Fransen’s arm while being guided by the tattoo artist’s hand. Photo credit: T-Mobile Nederland / Youtube video screenshot.

Sometimes advertisers seem desperate for a “marketing stunt”! This is probably the case with the telecommunications company T-Mobile Netherlands! To promote the arrival of 5G in their networks, they needed an actress, Stijn Fransen, tattoo inks, needles and a robot!

But it wasn’t a robot like the others! Indeed, under the direction of Wes Thomas Tattoo Emeritus, the robot aimed to remotely tattoo the actress’ arm. The robot controlled by 5G was able to tattoo Fransen’s arm, led by Thomas’ hand, but in the end far from that arm!

We don’t know the financial cost of this advertising campaign … But we still had to build a certain robot! Directed by Noel Drew, an English technologist, it took several weeks to complete. But also numerous tests to perfect the mechanism and the reaction of the robot … The gestures of the robot reproduce identically those of the more distant tattoo artist.

A robot built from scratch

“Each element of the construction was specially studied and purchased or designed, developed and manufactured in-house from scratch! »Explains PCMag to the artist. Then came the phase of the “life-size” tests! But rest assured, no one was injured by these tests! Few pumpkins and zucchini did not survive remote tattoo testing.

The actress therefore entrusted her arm to Wes Thomas, but above all to this robot … The designers explain that the robot has many safety features that allow the needles in particular not to sink too deep into the skin. In short, the first remote tattoo with a robot was done and was only intended for a publicity stunt! Or would it be the beginning of a new way to get under a tattoo artist’s needles?