A young French brand in the spotlight and no waste: OOPLA!

You now know that we like to talk about zero waste in our columns. But also French companies that are committed to the environment! And when a young French company called OOPLA innovates in relation to zero waste, we cannot ignore it!

That is why we invite you to discover the OOPLA brand, a brand dedicated to the planet, the forest and a social approach by working with people with disabilities. What good points for this young company that should quickly become a French “zero waste” staple food.

An environmentally conscious approach from A to Z!

When we talk about zero waste, the entire container really has to be … and this is obviously the case with OOPLA. Everything is believed to lower the carbon footprint and reduce waste … and so much more! For example, the Oopla kits must not be wider than 3 cm! And for the simple reason that they can be delivered by the postman, of course without unnecessary packaging … No special delivery person, so no additional CO2 emissions to bring you your kits …

In the water saving kit you will also find a seed paper that serves as an explanatory leaflet … Once your water saver is properly installed, let your leaflet soak for a few hours. Then all you have to do is plant it in a pot or in the ground! A couple of weeks later you are at the top of a small honey zone to reach the bees’ greatest happiness! And of course the boxes your kits arrive in are compostable … When you receive an OOPLA kit, don’t throw anything away, but nothing at all!

An environmentally conscious approach from A to Z. Photo credit: OOPLA

The kits in detail

With the water-saving kit, you can equip 3 standard taps and 1 shower with water-saving devices. And you will have the famous seed paper! The dental hygiene kit contains 3 Moso bamboo toothbrushes, a natural solid toothpaste with menthol crystals, which was rated 100/100 on Yuka, and an instruction sheet. The kit for facial hygiene consists of 4 washable double-sided cleaning wipes made of organic cotton, a micro-peeling konjac sponge, an ultra-mild soap with organic oils, a loofah soap dish, two reusable bamboo cotton swabs and 1 instruction sheet.

All of these kits are available from OOPLA at a single price of € 22 (+ € 3 postage on mainland France). The shipping costs are free from 50 € with the purchase.

We decided to focus our presentation on “Zero Waste” kits because we found them innovative and interesting. Note, however, that Oopla is also a store that sells all of the products in each kit. In order to be able to address the needs of its customers as precisely as possible.

OOPLA is a French company with a mission to facilitate the transition to the ecological act of the public. Photo credit: OOPLA

The interview of the founders!

We interviewed Thibaut Aaron, one of the two founders of OOPLA. He tells us about the founding of his company.

OOPLA is a French company with a mission to facilitate the transition to the ecological act of the public with the “little” gestures of the daily newspaper. OOPLA develops products that are good for consumers, the planet and its people.

Q: Can you introduce yourself?

We are Thibaut and Tristan Aaron, two brothers who are passionate about ecology and entrepreneurship. We believe that everyone should be able to act in their daily life to protect the environment. Finally, we believe that a more sustainable and inclusive economy is both possible and necessary.

Q: Tell us about your project

OOPLA is a social and solidarity economy company that tries to maximize its environmental and social impact before its profits. Every OOPLA solution takes into account one aspect of our daily ecological footprint (water consumption, dental and facial hygiene, laundry care, etc.). And allows you to act on your own scale in a simple and concrete way. Always with the same philosophy: positive effects on the environment, society and profitability for the user.

With the water saving kit, for example, you can reduce your water consumption and save on bills at the same time. The laundry set enables 100% natural, practical and economical maintenance of your laundry. All OOPLA solutions are compiled and sent by people with disabilities in the Center-Val de Loire region.

OOPLA is also committed to international climate solidarity by planting a tree for every product sold in collaboration with a partner NGO that works for reforestation in Madagascar. Since summer 2018, the company has planted almost 22,000 trees, which already corresponds to more than 2 million kg of CO2 absorbed.

Q: How did you come up with this idea?

We founded OOPLA in June 2018. At that time we noticed that more and more people were being made aware of ecological problems. They wanted to be able to reduce their footprint without knowing what specific action to take. However, concrete and effective solutions already existed. We have therefore chosen to facilitate the transition to law by creating turnkey thematic kits that can be used to distribute the best existing solutions.

Today, protecting the environment is the main concern of the French.

Q: What message do you want to convey through your action?

We believe that we all have to play our part in protecting the planet and that it is our “little” actions that will make the big changes in the end.

We also want to foster a different economy that cares about both its customers and its impact on society. But also on the planet.

Q: One last word to close?

We invite you to join the movement on oopla.fr

The new OOPLA projects:

To cover all zero waste stations in the house, Oopla is currently offering two new kits for Ulule’s crowdfunding campaign:

The “All Clean” kit consists of a solid 70 g shampoo, a soap with 100 g organic oils, two loofah soap dishes and you will also plant a tree in Madagascar! (€ 20 instead of € 25) The “solid” box in which you will find a solid shampoo of 70 g, a soap with 100 g organic oils, two loofah soap dishes, a natural solid toothpaste of 30 g and a tree for Madagascar . (€ 26 instead of € 33)

Discover also many other products that are individually and can be pre-ordered. Use pre-orders to save money (approx. -20%). The current Ulule campaign is already exploding and will end on May 8, 2021.

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