According to a new study, our gut contains more than 140,000 different viruses

Viruses, bacteria, masks, barrier gestures … words that we didn’t know a year ago, but that didn’t mean the same thing as they do today! The SARS-COV2 virus known to be responsible for Covid 19 is a very contagious virus that has spread to some …

We’re not all the same when it comes to viruses! When it comes to fighting this virus, known as the RNA virus, a study recently published in Cells magazine confirms that 142,809 viruses are found in our gut … but these are necessary for our lives! Explanations.

A study that identified 140,000 viruses!

According to this research team, led by Doctor Alexandre Almeida, our intestines are home to more than 140,000 viruses. But it would be bacteriophage viruses! This study is, in fact, a catalog listing viruses and their functions.

Viruses have always been present in our environment and even in our bodies … But if some are potentially dangerous, others are completely harmless and even necessary for our very existence!

The catalog called Gut Phage Database offers an analysis of 28,000 gut microbiome samples from 28 different countries.

What data needs to be removed?

Researchers use metagenomic sequencing of microbiomes to identify virus species. Of the 142,809 discovered, more than half were unknown prior to this study. The conclusion is clear: not all viruses are harmful! The 140,000 viruses in our intestines all develop into good neighbors. Additionally, the majority of the people the researchers took the samples from were in excellent health!

Illustration of the bacteriophage virus. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Tatiana Shepeleva

Viruses That Are Good For Your Health?

It’s pretty easy to understand! Insofar as these viruses are called “bacteriophages”, they infect bacteria present in the intestine … and regulate the microbiome, which is very different from RNA viruses!

However, the interactions between our health and bacteriophage viruses have yet to be studied and could teach us a lot more! To date, this database is the most complete genome for intestinal bacteriophages! Research continues to attempt to identify new “families” of bacteriophage viruses, as researchers believe that they have not yet identified all of the viruses present in the human body!

As for the Covid19, we can only encourage you to continue to respect barrier gestures and wear a mask outside. Vaccination does not exempt you from wearing a mask, you can still infect others … And don’t be fooled. SANTE PUBLIQUE FRANCE does not offer a free health package!