According to NASA, this is the exact time (to the minute) until a nap is effective and relaxing!

If napping is a way of life in the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and in the south of France, it is not the case everywhere! However, many scientific studies show the benefits of napping. And more and more companies are setting up naps or even “nap bars”! According to a NASA study, there is even an ideal nap time: 26 minutes! So how do you fall asleep quickly for just 26 minutes? And what are the benefits of napping in our brain? Explanations!

What does the study say?

Be careful, a nap should remain a nap and not be drawn out in length. To improve their performance and general alertness, NASA pilots sleep 26 minutes in flight! “The space agency found that pilots who slept in the cockpit for 26 minutes had an improvement in alertness of up to 54% and work efficiency of 34% compared to pilots who did not nap. “Explains Business Insider.

The study also shows that countries where napping is king have lower coronary heart disease rates. In 2007, a Greek study showed that people who napped twice a week reduced their risk of coronary artery disease by napping three times a week by 12% or 37%.

The National Sleep Foundation states in an article that “napping gives brain cells, muscles, and organs rest, reduces stress, and improves mood, alertness, creativity, etc.” Several studies confirm that napping for more than 20 minutes would not be beneficial … 26 minutes therefore counts for 20 minutes of real sleep, then 3 minutes for falling asleep and 3 minutes for waking up.

According to NASA specialists, an optimal nap lasts between 20 and 30 minutes, and a perfect nap should last exactly 26 minutes. A 26 minute nap would improve alertness by up to 54% and work / brain performance by up to 34%. Good night.

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What are the types of naps?

There are three types of naps, each with different effects:

The flash nap, which lasts around 5 minutes and prevents drowsiness. A 10-minute nap that increases endurance, learning, and performance. The 26-minute nap, which includes the benefits of short naps but increases focus, memory, and energy. But also creativity or cognitive skills! What are the types of naps? Photo credit: Shutterstock / lightwavemedia

How do I take a relaxing nap?

As with children, napping must become a ritual. So you need to keep the same gestures before every nap, e.g. B. soft music. Drinking coffee right before you nap doesn’t prevent you from falling asleep, but it does make it easier for you to wake up. And it works with tea too! Don’t use your bed for a nap, prefer the sofa or an armchair … But be in a horizontal position, with a memory pillow for example for more comfort. If you don’t have a dark place to take a nap, opt for a nap mask … Better to be protected from light to have a good rest. Use meditation or the U.S. military technique to help you fall asleep faster. Or that of the moon’s breathin

It goes without saying that a nap doesn’t need to have a screen at hand! Avoid the cock crowing when the cock rings! Prefer a soft ringtone that will bring you back to your start without violence! O2 Chair even offers companies nap bars that bring together all of the dates of a successful nap!

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