Adherence to detention: around fifteen daily verbalizations for the gendarmes of Saint-Orens de Gameville

The main containment has been back in France since Monday evening. With these new rules, the police will have to recheck travel certificates. In Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, the gendarmes check residents and drivers every day.

France has been locked up again for more than three days due to a new coronavirus epidemic explosion. Even if the rules are more flexible than last March, a certificate is required for trips over 10 kilometers around his house. In this document you must enter the reason for leaving the document. In addition to the usual checks, the police must therefore also check the travel certificates again.

This Wednesday morning, in the middle of the morning, the gendarmes of the Saint-Orens-de-Gameville brigade are working hard. “During the day the river is more important, so we randomly check that a lot of people are still going to work and have reasons to go out,” explains Captain Patrick Lapeyronie, who is in charge of the brigade.

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Several of his teams cover this area with 32,000 inhabitants every day, spread over eight municipalities. Parked near a roundabout, two soldiers stop the many drivers who drive in the early morning. “Can I see your certificate? One of the gendarmes asks. The driver with the mask on his face does so without flinching.” Here people have taken the plunge, in most cases they respect the rules, “admits the captain.

Some repeat offenders

On average, security guards working in this sector impose a fine on fifteen people in one day for non-compliance with health regulations, out of a total of 150 checks carried out per day. “Most of them just have no reason to be out and don’t have a certificate. They don’t necessarily look for excuses,” added the brigade chief. He also admits that there are more offenders around in the evenings. “Of course we discuss with people, it happens that some have the professional certificate, but the others forget about it, we verbalize it if necessary,” adds the person in charge of the brigade.

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In addition to daily activity, the gendarmes also carry out checks in so-called “non-essential” companies and restaurants, whose curtains have to remain lower due to the coronavirus epidemic. “This is where the professionals from these institutions play the game and, despite the ban, don’t take the risk of opening it,” he says. Controls are also carried out on public transport. Here, too, the wearing of the mask and the existence of the certificate are checked.

According to the brigade chief, few offenders have received multiple punishments for non-compliance with health measures.