Agriculture: Aveyron becoming less and less greedy for pesticides

In 2019, Aveyron bought 90,359.50 kg of pesticides, which corresponds to 0.17 kg of pesticides per hectare of agricultural land. The division retains its 80th national place, according to the latest map of pesticide tonnage purchased by the Générations Futures Association.

During the first study, carried out in 2018 for transactions from 2017 onwards, Aveyron used 116,769.26 kg of pesticides, i. H. For this year a remarkable decrease in consumption of 26,409.76 kg. Again, glyphosate is the best-selling product, ahead of total sulfur and S-metolachlor.

At the top of the podium since the start of the analyzes of future generations, the Gironde has stood for a purchase volume of pesticides of 3,037,811.13 kg, which corresponds to a spread of 12.55 kg per hectare of agricultural land. Closer to home, Tarn is in 54th place (1.55 kg / ha), Tarn-et-Garonne in 30th place (3.60 kg / ha) and Aude in 11th place in the ranking (6th place) , 06 kg / ha).

The Hérault just missed the podium and came in 6th this year with 7.94 kg of pesticides per hectare of usable area.