AgriVillage starts renting tiny houses to develop agrotourism!

What if you chose agrotourism (or agrotourism) this summer? This is not really new, the name actually refers to “farm holidays”! Perfect for children who can spot calves, cows, chickens or pigs. But also beneficial for farmers who secure additional income by sharing their knowledge!

And when you combine agrotourism with a tiny house, it is the perfect combination to promote two promising sectors: the return to the sources and the ecological habitat! A Breton company starts renting out tiny houses to farmers! And that could be a hit!

A vacation style that should be a hit!

Agrivillage therefore offers farmers to rent small houses with a length of 6 m and a width of 2.45 m. An easy-to-install device for farmers as they do not require a foundation. And an accessible opportunity for agricultural tourists who find comfort, autonomy and ecology in one place.

The small houses offered by Agrivillage are all very comfortable and have their own shower and dry toilet. There is also a living area, a kitchen and a bedroom on the mezzanine floor to enjoy nature and the animals at the source.

This process therefore enables farmers to present their farms to tourists in perfect conditions. But without significant overheads. Adrien Gabillet, founder of AgriVillage, explains: “We wanted an accommodation where customers could cook for themselves, to avoid farmers offering breakfast or having a table d’hôtes.”

Where can you find small AgriVillage houses?

On the AgriVillage website you can find farm stays in tiny houses:

Chat chez Adrien, who welcomes you in the heart of his Breton farmhouse not far from the beaches of the Gulf of Morbihan. On the program: a total change of scenery among the animals that you can feed with the owner … A traditional little house with a refined style for a stress-free and rejuvenating moment! The animals on the farm: cows, bees, chickens, sheep, geese, goats, horses (From € 85 per night for two people. Le Breuil at Michel and Alexandre, who welcome you in the heart of their equestrian center with 48 horses Participate in the milking of dairy goats that are also present on the farm, or try to tame the 8 patose dogs that will give you all kinds of cuddles , Ducks, turkeys, pigs, donkeys … yes that’s a lot of people but it has to be great (from € 75 per night for two)

These are only the first two farmers to take the tiny house step! Further installations are planned in Morbihan, for example. Here you will shortly find all available rental properties!

Chatting with Adrien. Image credit: Agrivillage

But what is agrotourism?

Agricultural or agrotourism is a form of tourism that aims to discover the know-how imparted by the farmer. But also with the aim of introducing city dwellers, social practices and culinary specialties that are produced on the farm or in the region. For farmers, this enables income diversification, which is very welcome when we know their difficult working conditions.

And it’s also an excellent way to consume organic and local by being as close to the producer as possible. It is a form of tourism that will explode in the coming months with successive restrictions … The desires of nature are becoming more and more present for city dwellers and this will also happen through agrotourism!

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