Airspeeder: The pilots of the flying cars are protected by “virtual force fields” during the races

While the Formula 1 Grand Prix is ​​due to resume on March 28th in Bahrain, we could announce another championship in a few months! And not least because it was supposed to be the Airspeeder championship for flying cars! Multicopter races could be in motorsport until the end of 2021!

Airspeeder aims at manned high-speed multicopter races between 160 and 200 km / h! As a prelude to the flying taxis, which are planned for 2024 in Paris, Airpeeder wants to develop multicopter races. A way like any other to perfect vertical landings and takeoffs.

Super drone race

It’s not clear what to expect, but it would be a mix of pod racing in Star Wars, the Phantom Menace, and Red Bull Air racing! Although Airspeeder calls their machines “flying electric cars”, it’s easier to imagine drones the size of a car!

In fact, the flying machines that have not been identified at the moment do not have wheels. In order to function, it is batteries that power them. As for the body, it will be carbon fiber … if we think of drones, it’s mainly because of the eight propellers that allow it to stay in the air!

An anti-collision system to protect the pilots

For the races, the pilots have to show dexterity as the goal is to switch between the pylons! We won’t have to miss it! To avoid collisions and accidents, Airspeeder works with Teknov8 and Acronis explains the company on its official website.

Flying car racing. Photo credit: Airspeeder / Youtube video screenshot.

They are trying to develop “collision avoidance systems”. Airspeeder states that the machines use LiDAR technology or artificial vision during the races to ensure the safety of pilots and spectators without removing the spice from the race!

A technology used to regulate air travel in cities

Airspeeder managers still have many obstacles to overcome … But they believe these flying machine races will be the beginning of self-driving flying cars … “Even with autonomous land vehicles, this is difficult because computers have to make decisions very quickly,” Matt Pearson told the GQ- Magazine.

“But in a racing environment you have a pretty controlled track. and you have the option of having all vehicles cooperate with each other. You have a number of vehicles talking to each other. So if there is an incident, or a driver slows down, or there is a traffic jam on the route, they are all aware. We believe this will revolutionize autonomous vehicles in the field. It is the technology that will make flying cars a reality in our cities in the future. Says the founder and CEO of Airspeeder.

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