Almost 400 trees were felled and stolen in Ariège: the time of the investigation in Perles-et-Castelet

The trauma is still there and will not subside in Ariège. So far, twelve property owners in the Perles-et-Castelet forest have filed a complaint about the theft of several hundred trees. “Even so, work to identify the owners who are victims of these facts and collect complaints continues,” prosecutors said Thursday.
Between January 8th and February 28th, these owners (some of whom are not from Ariège) discovered that their land had been cut down without their permission.

After this affair, which was revealed on February 27th by the Dépêche du Midi, Danielle Segato had expressed her pain in our columns on March 13th: “Everything has been destroyed, it is a massacre! “”

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Today, like all the other victims, she feels less alone. The Ax-les-Thermes Brigade Community was immediately seized from an investigation carried out under the supervision of the Foix Public Prosecutor’s Office, under the qualification of flights with damage and in assembly.

The first observations of the gendarmes made it possible to establish that the deforestation work was causing great damage: ripe destroyed, significant ruts … In addition to the 300 to 400 felled trees (mainly oaks and firs, around 30 years old).

The emotion is lively. Anger too. Who could have done so much damage? And why ? The investigation will try to determine this. “Reconciliations are being carried out with other facts that have occurred in other parts of the department or in neighboring departments,” said the prosecutor in a press release. In addition, the investigation is directed at a company whose screen-printed vehicles were seen near the place of the facts and at a time close to their commission. “

If the moral and material damage is immense, the ecological damage is no less. The owners denounced the pollution of the site after the damage observed. Here, too, the investigation must shed light on the darkness.

A drone to determine the damage that has been done to the environment

“Taking into account the environmental impact of the acts committed, the Foix Public Prosecutor has allocated considerable resources to this investigation and is expected to be reinforced in the coming days, in particular through the joint referral of a specialized investigative service. Indeed, the Foix Public Prosecutor’s Office has made the fight against environmental violations a priority axis of criminal policy. “A case that is becoming more and more important. So much so that the gendarmes were able to use great resources like a drone to determine the damage.

“Taking into account the impact of these facts on the victims, the public prosecutor hired the Association of Victims of the Department (ASJOA) to accompany and support the owners who had already been identified. “The facts are so grave that prosecutor Laurent Dumaine specifically pointed out:” These facts are inadmissible in that they affect the victims’ property as much as they do. A common good that a The 30-year-old forest stands for everyone who likes to go for a walk there. In addition to the flora, the fauna will inevitably be affected by these facts. I myself am leading this investigation and as soon as it is possible to identify the perpetrators from a legal point of view, I will give an answer as firm as the law allows. My public prosecutor attaches great importance to combating environmental violations, as I discovered at the official back-to-school hearing last September. “”
Now is the time to investigate.

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