Alpes-Maritimes: Two teenage girls tried to make up a fake murder on TikTok

Two 15- and 17-year-old teenagers from the Alpes-Maritimes are called before a children’s judge after taking part in a challenge on the TikTok social network who believes they were involved in a murder, as we learned yesterday.

In April, these two young girls, who live in the Grasse region (Alpes-Maritimes), have to answer in the judge’s office for facts of the “false alarm believing in a disaster”, said Fabienne Atzori, public prosecutor of the Republic of Fett. An offense for which they theoretically have up to two years in prison.

“Where are you? I have the body”

The challenge they participated in was to send a text message to unknown recipients, e.g. B. “Where are you? I have the body”. Then the game consisted of posting the responses from those recipients on the TikTok social network.

Problem for young girls: “Some recipients started the alert and this used the gendarmerie resources to identify the authors,” explains Fabienne Atzori.

When these facts occurred, early in the week the Alpes-Maritimes gendarmes were tricked into breaking into the homes of the young girls who were using their own cell phones to joke in the middle of the night and were therefore easy to identify.

“A citizenship-type law enforcement alternative seemed to us to be an inadequate answer. Summoning before a judge will allow things to be put back in their place,” said Fabienne Atzori, stating that this criminal response could have been more serious can with a summons to the juvenile court.

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