Amazing new studies claim our galaxy is full of life.

Scientists have long scanned the cosmos in hopes of finding extraterrestrial civilizations or evidence of their existence. The chances of discovery seem slim, however, as life on any planet must contain liquid water for it to be possible.

A condition that the vast majority of the celestial bodies discovered so far do not meet. In fact, according to theories, the planets get their water by accident. This is the case, for example, on Earth, where water would have existed after the impact of a large ice asteroid. A hypothesis that astronomers at the GLOBE Institute at the University of Copenhagen now seem to contradict.

Water from the formation of the planets?

In a new scientific article published in Science Advances and reported by our colleagues at The Next Web, they claim that water can be present during the formation of a planet. “All of our data suggests that water was part of the building blocks of the earth from the start. And since the water molecule is widespread, there is a reasonable probability that it is present on all of the planets in the Milky Way. The crucial point for the existence of liquid water is the distance of a planet from its star, ”said Professor Anders Johansen, author of the study.

Ice pebbles

Titled “A Pebble Formation Model for the Formation of Terrestrial Planets in the Solar System,” our source’s publication reveals a theory that planets are born from tiny millimeter-sized pebbles that accumulate over time. Among these particles would be some ice pebbles.

Close up of the north pole of Mars (elements of this image were provided by NASA). Photo credit: Shutterstock / Pike-28

It turns out that Mars, Venus, and Earth would have formed that way. To arrive at this conclusion, Anders Johansen and his colleagues relied on a computer model that enabled them to calculate the speed at which planets form. Millimeter pebbles of the same type would be found anywhere in the Milky Way. In other words, most of the planets in our galaxy could have a lot of water.

A theory that revived debates about the existence of life beyond our world

This publication obviously enlivens the debates about the existence of life beyond Earth. Therefore, since water is the source of life, it is possible that extraterrestrial civilizations can live anywhere in the Milky Way. Since the next generation of telescopes is expected to be able to see beyond the solar system, scientists can draw on this new theory in their search for extraterrestrial life.