An exchange bonus of 2,500 euros to exchange your car for an electrically assisted bicycle

What if you swapped your old diesel or gasoline car for a brand new electric bike? This exchange may seem a bit absurd at first glance. However, an amendment to the Climate Act of April 9th ​​confirms the extension of the premium for switching to electric bicycles.

And this bonus is not trivial, as it offers an amount of € 2,500 to those who switch from polluting cars to electric bikes. This measure also extends to any other type of clean velocipede. It could be very interesting for buying a cargo bike, for example. Explanations.

Sometimes you take your car with you on trips that could be done by bike … or on an electric bike, e.g. B. to take your children to school, to pick up your bread for dinner or to pick up a package from the post office. Regardless of the number of bikes, the conversion bonus is therefore extended to all electric velocipeds.

How does it work in practice?

In fact, the game doesn’t really change compared to the initial conversion bonus. With the exchange bonus, you can now benefit from € 2,500 to replace your old environmentally harmful titin with an electric bike.

This project, led by Barbara Pompili, Minister for Energy Transition and Ecology, is a small cultural revolution. After the 50 euro help for the repair of his bike, this exchange bonus appears.

“The amendment passed on Friday under the #ClimatResilience law, which provides for new help, in particular to facilitate the purchase of electric bicycles, is a cultural turning point.” Https://

– Barbara Pompili (@barbarapompili) April 10, 2021

And it’s also the highest amount in Europe to buy an electric bike in exchange for a car. There is this premium in Finland, but it is € 1000, just like in Lithuania. The e-bike exchange bonus is a big boost! When we know that an electric cargo bike costs between € 1,800 and € 5,000, there are many options.

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