Animal abuse: L214 sends shocking images of a slaughterhouse in Finistère

The basics The Briec sow slaughterhouse in Finistère, part of the Intermarché group, has been accused of animal abuse by the animal welfare association L214, which is broadcasting a new video. L214 requested a general inspection of all slaughterhouses in France after an initial inspection in 2016.

The animal rights association L214 sent pictures of brutalized and dying animals in a sow slaughterhouse in Briec (Finistère) on Tuesday evening and demanded a general inspection of all slaughterhouses in France. “L214 asks the Minister of Agriculture for a new general inspection of all slaughterhouses in France,” said a press release from the association, which regularly publishes “shock” videos denouncing the conditions for breeding and slaughtering animals.

The images broadcast on the association’s website show sows being pushed with kicks and electric spikes while they appear partially paralyzed and drag themselves on the ground. Others are stabbed in the anus to help them move faster. Still others are stranded in a hallway that is obviously too narrow. Since the stitches do not allow the two animals to be released, one operator uses a clamp to electrocute to release the other.

L214 calls for the slaughterhouse to be closed

“Given the horror, we are optimistic that these images will cause the administrative closure of the slaughterhouse,” says L214. The pictures were taken in the slaughterhouse of the Société briécoise d’amattage (SBA), a unit of the Les Mousquetaires group (Intermarché), which specializes in the slaughter, cutting and boning of cull sows, ie sows at the “end of their careers”. According to L214, 2,300 pigs are slaughtered there every week.

“The images that were taken at the Société Briécoise d’Abattage and broadcast today by L214 are shocking,” the slaughterhouse management replied in a statement, “as a precautionary measure to have decided to temporarily suspend the production line in question until it is due.” the conclusions of the various internal audits and investigations that were immediately initiated in collaboration with the health authorities “.

For its part, the Prefecture of Finistère has issued a press release calling for “unacceptable practices with serious breaches of animal welfare law”.

A slaughterhouse that was inspected in 2016

After several investigations by the L214 association in 2015 and 2016, the then Agriculture Minister Stéphane Le Foll ordered inspections in all slaughterhouses in France at the end of March 2016. Briec’s was inspected in April 2016.

“Five years later, all the problems identified by the DDPP (veterinary service) still exist,” denounces L214. “All minor deviations noted since 2016 have been the subject of official reminders to the company to implement corrective measures,” said the Finistère Prefecture, emphasizing that “compliance with animal welfare requirements is the responsibility of the butcher”.

“The serious discrepancies in the video could never have been observed in the presence of the inspectors. They would have led to immediate administrative and criminal sanctions,” added the prefecture.

L214 files a complaint “for serious abuse of animals with the Quimper public prosecutor’s office and calls on the judiciary to severely punish the administration of the slaughterhouse and the department’s veterinary services,” according to the association’s press release. It is added to additionally introduce “a recourse to responsibility against the state for the failure of its mission to control the application of the regulations”.

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