Another French brand “Zero Waste” is definitely to be discovered

Zero waste, ecology and waste management are current topics and trends. But above all, these are essential issues for our suffering planet! Today, let’s go to the discovery of Anotherway, a young French brand that puts its heart and soul into combating waste with products that are no longer thrown away and should do our planet good.

A versatile assortment that ranges from bee wraps and ecological linen to completely plastic-free dishes. Anotherway is also innovative with a multi-purpose tray that turns into a product that cleans everything in your home … discovery! We asked Samuel Olichon, the founder of Anotherway, about his commitment to zero waste:

“At Anotherway, we believe that there are no small gestures when 7 billion of us are doing them. We offer ecological, sustainable and practical alternatives to everyday disposable products. Our products are reusable, very easy to use and allow you to achieve more responsible consumption with no worries. “”

Q: Can you introduce yourself?

My name is Samuel Olichon, I started Anotherway in 2018. I’ve always wanted to start an impact project. I founded my first company, MyMarius, in 2017, a dedicated start-up that offers washable and reusable diapers for children. With Anotherway, I wanted to make ecological alternatives accessible to everyone and offer the best support to people who want to embark on an ecological transition.

Q: Tell us about your project

The whole team is convinced that there is another way, another way to consume more responsibly. Our motto? “There are no small gestures when 7 billion of us do them.” Suddenly, at our level, we decided to start our own little gestures. We offer ecological, sustainable and practical alternatives to everyday disposable products. Our products are reusable, very easy to use and make it easy to get started without worrying about more responsible consumption. Our mission is simple. Support every person who wants their transition to zero waste through our products and also through our content.

“There are no small gestures when 7 billion of us make them” Photo credit: Anders

Q: Our commitment is sincere:

We are members of the 1% for the planet collective: in 2020/2021 we donated not 1% but 2% of our sales to 4 committed associations (Pure Ocean, 1 waste per day, Nos Abeilles en Provences, Les Lyonnes des Dunes) ) We donate our time (3/4 days per year) to associations or committed projects (for example we organized 2 garbage collections, participated in a day in the Talus (urban farm in Marseille), we will soon raise awareness of ecology among schoolchildren a school in deprived neighborhoods of Marseille At the local level we are working with several ESATs and a reintegration workshop, we are in the process of becoming a company with a mission and working hard to prepare for BCorp certification

Q: How did you come up with this idea?

My sister, who lives in Australia, once brought me a beeswax-coated food wrapper. It has not yet been found in France. I found the concept to be great, in line with my values ​​and easy to use. It all started with the Bee Wrap, with the desire to offer a range of ecological alternatives.

A: What message do you want to convey through your action?

Our main message is simple: every gesture counts.

We want to make everyone aware that we all have a role to play in relation to our planet. The “Zero Waste” philosophy can be a bit daunting at first, but in reality we are getting closer one gesture at a time. And you don’t have to revolutionize everything to get there. We are there to calm down and support you with our products and also with the content we offer (blog, white paper, social networks).

Q: One last word to close?

If you are motivated to gradually change your consumption habits, take a look at our Instagram account. Every week, every Saturday, we share little actions that we, Anotherway employees, have really implemented in our daily lives. It can give you simple ideas to put into practice on a daily basis: restore your coffee grounds, save your toilet flushes, make cuttings, use your cooking water … there is something for everyone

Bee wraps different

Reusable beeswax-based food packaging from the Bee Wraps range. They make it possible to pack everything and store it without endangering food. They are available in three sizes or as punching rollers. And soon a vegan bee wrap bag! All bee wraps have a GOTS certificate (certificate issued by Ecocert Greenlife 213698 & Anotherway).

The tableware range

An ecological range of dishes with washable and reusable sponges, solid detergent and wooden dish brushes with interchangeable heads. According to the TerraEco website, we use 137 million liters of detergent per year, or about 274 million plastic bottles of detergent. Thanks to the alternatives offered, no more plastic canisters and a soap equivalent to two 500 ml bottles! And machine wash the sponge once a week and it’s like new! The soap is Ecodetergent certified by Ecocert and the cotton sponges are 100% organic, GOTS certified.

The ecological laundry area

Anotherway offers a range of ecological laundry in powder form with real Marseille Soap La Corvette. The laundry is made with chips that are not used by the factory to further reduce waste. By adding water, your laundry is ready to use!

The ecological laundry area. Photo credit: Different

A bulk area

Always in the sense of waste, the bulk bags are made from scraps of bee wraps. Large bags have a GOTS certificate (certificate issued by Ecocert Greenlife 213698 & Anotherway)

A bulk area. Photo credit: Different

A new “pastille” range!

Based on the observation that a 1 liter bottle of multi-purpose cleaner contains 90% water in a plastic bottle, Anotherway developed the multi-purpose tablet.

One reusable bottle One tablet One liter of water

One product to clean everything at home! And in order to be able to use your product, Anotherway also offers washable microfiber towels as well as kitchen towels!

We will always take care to highlight young French brands that are committed to the environment, help people with disabilities and do not generate waste. Anotherway is one of those young brands that everyone should definitely know!

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