Anti-Semitic tags discovered in a French college, complaints filed

The main anti-Semitic tags were discovered in a college in Chauvigny (Vienne). Authorities also found death threats against the establishment’s director on the walls of the building.

Two complaints were filed after anti-Semitic tagging and death threats against his headmaster on Saturday on the premises of a college in Chauvigny, Vienne, we learned from the prefecture and a source among staff. These anti-Semitic tags and swastikas were discovered on the walls of Gérard Philippe College on Saturday morning, a staff member said.

In a joint press release, the Prefect of Vienne Chantal Castelnot, the President of the Department Alain Pichon and the Rector of the Poitiers Academy Bénédicte Robert condemned the “intolerable registrations” and “through them the death threats against the” against the client “. They stated that two complaints had been filed with the prosecutor, one “on behalf of the college” and the other “by the headmaster on his own behalf.” “The college will open its doors as planned on Monday May 3rd,” said the three institutions.

“Outrageous Inscriptions”

According to La Nouvelle-République and France Bleu Poitou, gendarmes from Chauvigny, Saint-Julien-l’Ars and Montmorillon have obtained the first results and the Poitiers Gendarmerie Criminal Police have taken samples from places.

Department officials then came to erase the “outrageous inscriptions,” the statement said. Elisabeth Moreno, ministerial delegate to the Prime Minister responsible for equality between women and men, diversity and equal opportunities, responded on Twitter to “inscriptions that make you sick”. “School must be a haven from intolerance,” she wrote.

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