Application for the release of Patrice Alègre: Experts come to the conclusion that there is a “risk of action”, the killer gives up

Patrice Alègre, who was sentenced to life imprisonment in February 2002, asked his lawyer Me Pierre Alfort to apply for parole in the summer of 2019. The serial killer just left him.

A phone call in early summer 2019. “A woman tells me that she sees Patrice Alègre, who is in custody at the Moulins plant in the Allier region. His security sentence, which prevents waiver or parole, ends in September. This woman explains to me that they want to get married, that Patrice Alègre wants me to take care of his parole request… ”Lawyer Pierre Alfort pauses. “I asked and after two days I called back and asked for an official letter from Patrice Alègre to take care of him. “”

Twenty-two years after Me Alfort first crossed the serial killer, who was then 29, in a prison in the old Toulouse courthouse, he finds himself in the heart of the month of August facing his former client in the salon of the Moulins -Yzeure Power plant. “I have found a man who is inevitably marked by his long imprisonment with a white beard,” recalls the lawyer.

Together they decide to formalize the application, which will be judged by the prison court. But first it is necessary to seize the judge of application of the sentences, whose gaze will inevitably be cautious on this prisoner who was sentenced to life imprisonment for six rape, one attempted murder and five murders in Toulouse in February 2002.

“The Criminal Procedure Code allows this request. It is his right and it is not for me to say, but for professional judges, warns the Toulouse lawyer. It is a lengthy process that inevitably requires psychiatric expertise. “Months have passed and in the fall of 2020 the expertise was handed over to the Moulins Court Judge. “A pretty negative expertise,” admits Me Alfort.

Experts: “Risk of transition to a comparable act”

Also very negative. The psychiatric experts, including a Toulouse resident who met Patrice Alègre in June and last September, actually estimate in their conclusions: “Mr Alègre has a psychopathic personality with a history of alcoholism, drug addiction, without empathy and reality. Guilt. At the clinical level, there is a short- and medium-term risk of resuming the various amounts consumed. “And the experts go even further:” The risk of taking action can quickly be compared to the risks that existed before his imprisonment. “”

With such a report, the possibility of release flies away. A request for a second opinion was made by his lawyer in January, but it was rejected. And even if the court has not yet officially examined the application (the date for the hearing has not yet been set), Patrice Alègre always made sure to “check” the way things were going in order to abandon his application. First to a journalist for the weekly “Marianne” who was working on her romantic relationship with Marie, a Canadian who left her country with her two children to be closer to the prisoner, then to her lawyer. “I was warned on Saturday,” confirms Pierre Alfort.

The request, which had no chance of flourishing as it was, is therefore officially abandoned. This does not prevent them from depositing others in the months and years to come. What is the chance of success?

Imprisoned for more than 23 years

Since the death of Mireille Normand, discovered in July 1997 and found buried near her home in Verdun, Ariège, the gendarmes of the research department of Toulouse have persecuted Patrice Alègre, who was also suspected of the rape and attempted murder of Emilie, Espes , in February 1997 in Toulouse.

Captured by the gendarmes who had set him on the wrong date, the murderer, who had spent the summer between Spain, Germany and Belgium, was arrested on September 5, 1997 in Châtenay-Malabry near Paris. The day before, in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, he killed Isabelle Chicherie, a young girl he had met in Spain that summer.

The investigation by the gendarmes and police officers, under the supervision of examining magistrate Serge Lemoine, the murderer’s confidence, will allow him to be charged with two more murders, which were originally classified as suicide. That of Valérie Tariote in February 1989 and that of Martine Matias in February 1997. And finally that of Laure Martinet in January 1990.

Patrice Alègre was tried before the meeting of the Assize Court of Haute-Garonne in Toulouse in February 2002 and sentenced to life imprisonment with 22 years security on February 21, 2002 for six rape, one attempted murder and five murders. The investigation, which opened to attribute other crimes to him, and which was carried out by Homicide Squad 31, was ultimately unsuccessful and closed in the summer of 2008.

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