Are You Really Knowing All of the Benefits of Coffee? Here’s what science says …

Almost all of us drink a cup of coffee when we wake up, and some are even addicted to it. Like all beverages containing caffeine, coffee can become addictive if consumed without moderation. On the other hand, by consuming two or three cups a day sparingly, it can have beneficial effects on our health.

Many scientific studies agree that coffee has benefits. But everyone also agrees that it shouldn’t be consumed too much … So coffee is good for your health, but why exactly?

Fighting Alzheimer’s Disease

The antioxidants in coffee are said to protect us from Alzheimer’s disease. According to a study published in the journal Pubmed, consuming 3 to 5 cups of coffee could reduce your risk of developing the disease by 20%.

The researchers concluded: “Coffee consumption may be associated with a lower risk of dementia. This can be mediated through caffeine and / or other mechanisms such as antioxidant capacity and increased insulin sensitivity. This finding could open up opportunities for prevention or delay the onset of dementia. “”

Regulation of intestinal transit

A study published by the National Library of Medicine suggests that drinking coffee may help stimulate the disc colon with the fiber it contains. It would therefore facilitate intestinal transit. However, a second study published in the journal Pubmed warns of the occurrence of gastric reflux with excessive consumption. Even if it confirms its effect on intestinal transit: “Coffee promotes gastroesophageal reflux, but is not associated with dyspepsia. Coffee stimulates the contraction of the gallbladder and motor activity of the large intestine. “”

Reduced risk of cancer?

The studies are rather divided on this topic! Although coffee is on the American Institute for Cancer Research’s Recommended Foods list, studies diverge for several reasons. According to this study, published by, researchers find that “Coffee consumption is not a cause of breast, pancreatic and prostate cancer in women. But can reduce the risk of uterine lining and liver cancer. “”

Coffee beans. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Deman

However, they also express the difficulty in determining the benefits of coffee in certain types of cancer. Mainly because coffee drinkers are very often smokers … And that’s where it is difficult to prove the benefits of coffee in cancer. “It is difficult to fully account for smoking in studies of coffee cancer, which is strongly linked to tobacco. “”

Improved memory

Caffeine would stimulate the brain just minutes after consuming it. Coffee would therefore improve memory over a 24 hour period … Drinking coffee before a test that requires concentration would therefore increase it over a longer or shorter period of time … A study published by John Hopkins Medicine explains that Benefits of coffee memory at the rate of 200 mg per day … Always on the condition that it is consumed in moderation!

Fight against pain

Migraineurs know that drinking strong coffee relieves pain! However, scientists cannot pinpoint the cause of these reliefs. As an American study explains: There is no doubt that the daily and sporadic consumption of caffeine through food has significant biological effects on the nervous system. Caffeine affects headaches, especially migraine syndrome, but it’s unclear how.

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