Are you stressed? Hearing 80s hits would be good for morale, says this study!

“And you sing, sing, sing, this refrain that you like” … “They drag me to the end of the night, the midnight demons”! Even if you weren’t born in 1985, you need to know these choruses! And for good reason, many hits of the 80s cross generations and are picked up by singers from the current music scene …

In short, it’s almost easy to say that these songs are universal and cross-generational. And you can keep gargling pictures, gold, or lio, as listening to 80s music reduces stress, according to a recent survey.

The scientific study was carried out by Dr. Ömer Avlanmis, Obesity and Metabolism Surgeon at the Vera Clinic Turkish Cosmetic Surgery Center. 1,540 adults between the ages of 18 and 65 were exposed to songs of various musical currents, and their blood pressure and heart rate were analyzed.

The study’s authors therefore gave the patients several playlists, each classified by decade or a particular musical stream. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, classical music, heavy metal, R&B or even jazz.

Surprising results

And the results are amazing! 96% of patients saw a drop in blood pressure while listening to 80s hits, and 36% of them saw a heart rate drop. According to Dr. Ömer Avlanmis, the results make medical sense, although they may be surprising.

96% of patients saw a drop in blood pressure when they heard 80s hits. Image credit: Shutterstock / brainpencil

As you know, the hits of the 80s were quite happy, festive, at the time when there were no masks … And this music therefore evokes nostalgia. This nostalgia for the good years promotes the secretion of endorphins and serotonin, the hormones of happiness!

And we still find heavy metal hits very strange as a second musical anti-stress trend. It is true that a good old Led Zep ‘or AC / DC will suffer a lot from stress when under pressure. And so classical music is at the very back of the pack … Music softens the manners and is apparently not a legend! Have a good ol ’80s hit on your smart speaker and the stress of the day will be gone! It’s worth a try !

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