Are you walking away from the candy section in the supermarket? M & M’s invents a robot that follows you with candy everywhere!

An autonomous robot developed by Mars Inc to follow customers in stores. Photo credit: YouTube video screenshot / RIS news

Are you one of those people who, in order not to be tempted, carefully avoid the “sweets” area in the supermarket? Or even those who are as far away from candy as possible, go to trade shows by weight … Mars INC., A large international chocolate candy manufacturer, has to think that candy no longer attracts consumers!

And in order to increase sales of the famous M&M chocolate peanuts, they decided to do something original, to say the least … And this object can just push you to consume if it’s not at all!

Imagine strolling through the shelves to do your shopping, across from the candy department … Right behind you, Smiley would slap you gently on the shoulder! Smiley is an autonomous robot developed by Mars Inc. that is programmed to follow customers and offer them M & Ms.

Loaded with sensors, Smiley follows you through the shelves before you can reach the cash register! However, Smiley is not just a “candy dispenser”, it also collects customer data or habits … as well as their interactions in the store …

It would also collect customer data or habits … Photo credit: YouTube video screenshot / RIS news

The robot was developed by Mars Wrigley and a company called Savioke, and despite its name, it has no face, again explains the Gizmodo site. It is used by business leaders to understand how customers move and especially what products are attracting them! To be able to optimize your sales area!

Currently, only one smiley is testing at a ShopRite of Monroe grocery store in New York. Little risk of seeing him with us right now. But if this strange innovation bears fruit, we could be pursued by an army of robots boasting different and diverse products! Courage! Let’s go away!