Ariège: a Georgian refugee arrested and imprisoned after leaving Secours Populaire in Foix

Giorgi Gunia, a former Georgian police officer and refugee, was arrested on Monday, the end of the day, while looking for food in Secours Populaire in Foix. The club’s volunteers are outraged: he was a volunteer within the structure for more than a year. At Lakanal College, where their eldest son is attending, children, teachers and staff prepare a letter of protest. Giorgi Gunia was taken to the Nice Detention Center on Tuesday after his police custody ended.

The phones vibrate. We meet again in front of the Foix police station. The day before, Giorgi Gunia, of Georgian origin, was arrested by Fuxean police for possible invalidation of his international driver’s license. He was detained for more than 24 hours. This time Giorgi Gunia’s relatives have the information: He is being taken to the internment camp in Nice. “We organized this in a hurry. Many of us work. But we had to be there for him. “A total of ten are waiting for publication. It’s the calm before the storm. At the forefront is his sister Lana. She goes back and forth. She even stamps her feet. Lana wants to see her brother again so that the police can kidnap him one last time.
A police car park in front of the police station. You are two to go under. They move a lot too. Sometimes in the direction of the police station, sometimes outside.
Family and friends are waiting for Giorgi to come out. We organize to block “this injustice,” as they say. We’re also looking at which door will open to deliver him to Nice.
And then there it is. He goes out, the police don’t waste any time, they put him in the car. The few diehards try to unite one last time. “It is unfortunate what you are doing!” »Starts a demonstrator. The police replied: “We have to apply the protocol. A few fights break out. The car drives into the Alpes-Maritimes in vain.

A last farewell to the unknown

There’s Lana on the sidewalk. She cries in the arms of her companion. His brother is gone. They exchange one last look. He raised his arm and greeted everyone who supported him.
Tonight he will sleep in the detention center. A meeting with the Judge for Freedoms and Detention will be organized in the coming days. There are no rooms for families in this facility. The activists hope that his two children and his wife will not follow him.

Outrage at the Secours Populaire in Foix …

In a press release published yesterday, Tuesday, 17 volunteers and employees of the Secours Populaires de Foix are “outraged by the arrest of a person who has been welcome and active in the association for over a year while he came to eat pick up.” .
The signatories then state that Giorgi Gunia’s family “like many others has lived in a state of great insecurity and insecurity for months. “”
Before we finish: “Such a process seriously undermines the exercise of the solidarity mission of Secours Populaire, an association recognized by the state as of public benefit, in which we are all fully committed. “”

… and within Lakanal College

Students, teachers and staff at Lakanal College, where Giorgi Gunia’s eldest son is trained, are preparing a letter of protest that will be sent to the prefecture today or tomorrow.