Ariège: André Téchiné’s next film is shooting in Orgeix between two showers

the essentials André Téchiné and his team are in Orgeix, where the core set for the director’s next film, “Les pieds sur terre”, is located. Under the wind, a few raindrops and rare clearings, they have been shooting sequences of the feature film since Tuesday.

The rain is falling and the wind is blowing violently on Orgeix. Numerous and thick drops shake Lake Campauleil. On one bank, the electricity teams are busy around the Coustaux-d’Orgeix mansion, the location of André Téchiné’s new feature film. His title “Les pieds sur terre”.

The mansion is reflected in L’Oriège. Photo DDM – Martin Boissereau

Olivier, cameraman, Jérémie, assistant “Elektro” and Nathan, “assistant to the assistant” try to limit the damage to the lights that they install and uninstall over the sequences. “I love this weather and the galleys,” smiles Nathan, during the internship, wet from hair to shoes. It makes me too stoner, continues the BTS audiovisual student who is involved in his first feature film. I learn a lot. “

The Orgeix Falls. Photo DDM – Martin Boissereau

In the single-family house rented for the occasion, a scene with Noémie Merlant, a talented actress, is played on the first floor. “Motor” is followed by “silence that turns”, “it becomes noise” and then “action”. Suddenly the lips meet and the movements become more delicate.

One of the rooms in the castle where a scene was filmed. Photo DDM – Martin Boissereau

A zookeeper and his Malinois shepherd

Outside, the splash covers the silence. Simon waits patiently under a makeshift black tent that protects a few cakes and drinks. The zookeeper, who has worked in the cinema for twenty years, came with a Malinois shepherd. “In the beginning, André Téchiné was not focused on this breed, but the one who is home to almost 200 animals in a huge area in Poitiers slips. We chose him because he is a classic security dog, very physical and obedient by nature, but very dynamic at the same time. As before every shoot, Simon looked for and found a “sociable” dog that could get used to the cameras, projectors and other comings and goings of the event.

Cuddle moment for Nakao, a 4-year-old Malinois shepherd. Photo DDM – Martin Boissereau

Under the same tent, less shaken by wind and rain after a lull, André Marcon “takes advantage of the view”. Tickling on the hills of the Orlu Valley. A couple of croaking ducks also sit nicely on a khaki chair.

André Marcon overlooking the river. Photo DDM – Martin Boissereau

Benjamin neighbor, this sun

Rare sun of a cloudy day, Benjamin Voisin appears. “You have a beautiful view,” he says to André Marcon with a sublime smile. Before he asks him: “How is the psychiatrist?” “” Very well, answers André Marcon. He feels very comfortable in front of the camera. “

Benjamin Voisin, recently nominated for César as Most Promising Actor for “Summer 85”. Photo DDM – Martin Boissereau

The professional doctor, new to the practice, seems to be enjoying his role as an actor. Also his wife, who accompanied him to relieve his stress. Amused, she realized her “dream” by showing a film “Clap”. To the chagrin of the film crews, this cult noise from the cinema did not mean the end of the downpour.

Hey “clap”! Photo DDM – Martin Boissereau

A shoot in the Coustaux-d’Orgeix manor

“It makes us proud that we are interested in our family home,” says Benoît Coustaux, the happy owner of a manor house in the Ariège town of Orgeix. “We love this house,” emphasizes his mother. , Solange d’Orgeix -Coustaux, whose ancestors built the walls of the estate in the Orlu Valley in the 16th century.

Benoît Coustaux in front of the family property. Photo DDM – Martin Boissereau

The first shoot on the property

For the first time in its history, the mansion will receive a film crew in the summer and then in the winter of 2021. That of André Téchiné, the director who called the place a “family retreat” after the visit. The French filmmaker will activate his cinematographic devices twice for the needs of the feature film “Les pieds sur terre”. The first in June, for two weeks. The second in January to film the winter decor.

One of the 28 bedroom mansion rooms. Photo DDM – Martin Boissereau

Other cameras could soon reach the banks of L’Oriège, the river that reflects the mansion’s two towers. “We were contacted by the Des fins et des vents team,” admits Benoît Coustaux. They want to produce a series about the residences of the iron masters. The Orgeix mansion or castle, depending on your sensitivity, actually housed workshops where metals were worked with fire and hammer. “My ancestors had been blacksmiths since the 1550s,” says Solange d’Orgeix-Coustaux, who lived on the estate as a child. The end of the forging business dates from 1870-1880. “

A villa with a lot of life

Since then, the property has seen several lifetimes in three centuries. A concrete terrace with a rounded shape testifies in particular to the presence of a former tea room. The happy customers were able to enjoy a breathtaking view of Lake Campauleil in the 1970s, where a few ducks are still wading. You will not have had the opportunity to admire the acting performance of neighbors Noémie Merlant and Benjamin, chosen by André Téchiné. Solange d’Orgeix-Coustaux, her husband and their son Benoît, yes.

The magnificent Lake Campauleil. Photo DDM – Martin Boissereau

During the filming, the owners had the opportunity to watch the crews at work. The opportunity to go behind the scenes of the cinema with an appetite by trying to name the faces that saw them. To distinguish the players from the technical teams, you need a skilled eye.

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