Ariège: Ten years after the manslaughter at the wheel, he drives without a license and is drunk

Published on 04/20/2021 7:53 PM

The Basics A forty-year-old man guilty of manslaughter in 2010 by driving a vehicle was convicted again of a traffic offense. The Ariégeois was checked this Saturday April 17th without a license and under the influence of an alcoholic state. The Foix court sentenced him to 6 months in prison with a suspended sentence.

“I think about it every day,” shouts the defendant, his head bowed in the box in the room, when the court of Foix appears immediately. Why am I being told? “Sun Yung Lazare, the president of the court, replied,” Because you have committed several traffic offenses and continue to drive without a license. This 39 year old man’s tears are spilled under the effect …

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