Ariège: The thirty-year-old who was holed up at home has just been arrested

The essentials The man, who had been holed up in his house since the middle of the morning, was just arrested by the gendarmes who had blocked all entrances to a small house in the “Les Bastides de Tourelles” subdivision. In this house was the 33-year-old man who had evicted his partner and their daughter from the house after a heated argument. The man had repeatedly refused to communicate with the gendarmes. A negotiator was there.

It all started with a heated argument between the couple in the middle of the morning. A particularly strong argument. Beyond the allegations, the tone between the man and his companion, the tenant in the title of the house, had risen. Then the man had driven his companion and his daughter from their house before he fled into the house. The firefighters were then alerted. Then…

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