Armed robbery in a tobacco shop in Agen: he fled with the contents of the cash register

The Basics A person walked into a tobacco shop in Agen this Thursday, April 22nd. He brandished a pistol and walked with the contents of the box. An investigation has been opened by the Agen Police Station.

Certainly endless seconds. Fortunately, the clerk at a tobacco shop at 96 rue de Seuvin in Agen was neither physically assaulted nor injured. She is extremely shocked by this armed robbery, which she witnessed in spite of herself.

It was barely 6 p.m. on Thursday April 22nd when a person broke into the store. Far from a courtesy call. Masked and armed with a pistol, his intentions were clear. Petrified, she had no choice but to give him the contents of the cash register.

An action that took place in a few seconds. As soon as the money was in his possession, the thief turned on his heels and fled into nature.

Findings made

Alerted immediately, the Agen police raided the premises. Police officers performed the usual screening to find clues. Valuable elements that could bring you on the trail of the author of this armed robbery.

No arrests were made as part of this investigation. The use of the various video surveillance cameras could also bring new elements in the coming days.

The exact amount of the damage is not yet known.

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