As a new source of pollution, animals are the first to be hit by masks and disposable gloves …

Masks, protection symbols, but also pollution symbols! We have been using surgical masks, plastic gloves, hydroalcoholic gel, etc. to protect ourselves for a year. All of these products are by definition disposable! And unfortunately the “disposable article” occurs too often in nature, in the oceans …

An additional pollution that could turn into a real environmental disaster … Our animal friends are not immune to this pollution! Dutch researchers studied animal sacrifices from disposable masks or gloves by making a list of animal sacrifices. While the alarm bells are ringing for people! Don’t throw your masks into nature, it’s a matter of life and death for animals!

The study, published March 22 in the journal Animal Biology, compiles a non-exhaustive list of victims of animal collaterals in the still-raging coronavirus pandemic. Today there are 129 billion daily masks worldwide, but also 65 billion gloves that are thrown away every day!

And obviously the pollution from these products is only increasing! This waste is found even in the most remote places in the world, most of the time carried by ocean currents … The animals take off the masks or gloves or get caught in the threads and die of suffocation or exhaustion!

This waste occurs even in the most remote parts of the world. Photo Credit: Shutterstock / P_galasso2289

Masks, a new dramatic pollution!

Unfortunately, you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to see this pollution. In any city and almost any street, it is very easy to find a mask on the floor! And let’s not talk about supermarket parking lots where the masks struggle with the receipts on site!

Auke-Florian Hiemstra and Liselotte Rambonnet, two researchers taking part in this study, show a monkey chewing a mask or birds caught with gloves … A mask was even found in the stomach of a poor penguin!

The effects of # COVID19 on animal life: @AukeFlorian et al. published findings on a new wave of junk: protective face masks and gloves (#PPE), read them now in #OpenAccess #glovechallenge

– Brill Publishing (@BrillPublishing) March 24, 2021

In every country in the world animals die from our inability! Fox, bat, hedgehog, crab, fish, bird … all are threatened by the new litter that arouses their curiosity and kills them!

You want to be aware of the problem and possibly do your bit! Take a tour of the CovidLitter site! You can send photos of captured animals and see the extent of the damage! There is an urgent need to throw our masks in the trash as some species of animals may not survive there!