AstraZeneca vaccine: Gabriel Attal confirms the idea of ​​a communication campaign with stars

The basics While the image of the AstraZeneca vaccine does not always go down well with the French, Le Canard Enchaîné points out that Matignon wants to run a communication campaign with stars over 55 years of age.

According to Le Canard Enchaîné, the government “has instructed the government information service to organize a large-scale communication operation”.

“SIG convinced TF1 to take part in this campaign by sending pictures of these ‘stars over 55’, money changers, actresses being vaccinated in front of the cameras with the AstraZeneca vaccine.”

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal, who was questioned on this matter in the report of the Council of Ministers on Wednesday, confirms this information.

In particular, he recalled the media coverage of the vaccination of the Prime Minister with AstraZeneca and stated that “the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister would like these examples to multiply, regardless of whether they are well-known personalities who support the French people are known, or target-age officials who could publish their vaccination. That’s part of the ideas we’re working on. “

Gabriel Attal is of the opinion that this could be “one tool among other things”: “In addition to transparency and clear scientific information, there is also the question of the example”.

The spokesman added that “there is obviously a confidence that needs to be strengthened about the AstraZeneca vaccine. There are doubts, concerns among many French people. But many other French people are being vaccinated with AstraZeneca and we obviously encourage this.”

“Things are stabilized today”

“Independent agencies have advised that it is safe and effective for people over 55. Although I can hear recent changes with new medical advice cast doubt, things are today. ‘Hui stabilized’.

On the question of which “popular stars” could be contacted while Le Canard Enchaîné evokes the singer Sheila, the government spokesman remains cautious and refuses to publish names “until he is certain that those concerned have been contacted”.

Finally, Le Canard Enchaîné raises a legal question that the spokesman has not raised: “Can AstraZeneca as a brand finance an advertising campaign in the media?” S ‘asks the weekly newspaper.

LIVE | Report of the Council of Ministers of April 21, 2021 by @GabrielAttal, government spokesman

– Elysee (@Elysee) April 21, 2021

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