Attack plan foiled before Euro-2016: the trial opened in Paris

The main thing, Réda Kriket and six defendants have been on trial since Monday for planning a jihadist attack in France a few weeks before the Euro 2016 football. The process will take place through April.

The trial of Réda Kriket and six men suspected of planning a jihadist attack in France a few weeks before the start of Euro 2016 football on the Monday before the special meeting in Paris, without any of the accused. At the opening of the hearing, the court found Anis Bahri’s absence and asked to appear. After he announced his refusal, the court decided to suspend and continue the hearing in his absence.

One of his co-defendants, Réda Kriket, 39, who challenged his lawyers last week, finally decided to be represented. In a text read out in front of the court, the ex-robber of French nationality with short-cut brown hair in a polo shirt and black trousers stated that he had challenged the French law that was “not (his)”. “Today he wants to be defended with some reservations against the facts for which he is accused (…). But he still wants to declare once and for all that there was never a project terrorist,” one of Réda told Kriket’s lawyers , Me Yassine Bouzrou, told the press.

Two days after the attacks in Brussels

On March 24, 2016, two days after the attacks in Brussels, investigators discovered an arsenal of war “of unprecedented proportions” in an apartment in Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise) rented under a false identity from Réda Kriket. They had five Kalashnikov-type assault rifles, seven handguns, lots of ammunition and 105 g of TATP – a substance valued for attacks by the jihadists of the Organization of the Islamic State (IS) – confiscated – 1.3 kg of industrial explosives, as well as stolen or counterfeited Administrative documents and a large number of phones.

The investigation began in November 2015 with the arrest of two men in Turkey who, according to the authorities, were about to travel to Syria. Investigators took an interest in her entourage and returned to Anis Bahri and then Réda Kriket, who was suspected of staying in Syria between late 2014 and early 2015.

Réda Kriket was sentenced in July 2015 in his absence to ten years in prison in Belgium during the trial against a jihadist network in Syria under an international arrest warrant. One of the main defendants – also absent – at this Belgian trial was Abdelhamid Abaaoud, one of the alleged organizers of the November 13, 2015 attacks in Paris and Saint-Denis, who is said to have been killed a few days after the attacks.

Seven defendants in court

While investigating the Argenteuil arsenal, Réda Kriket first mentioned a person he called Abou Badr as the person who put his arms in the apartment before going to Syria. He eventually admitted to inventing the existence of this character, claiming that the guns were intended for narcotics interception or resale.

As a repeat offender, Réda Kriket had spoken to a personality researcher about his “taste for easy money” and “from an early age”. He has always denied having radicalized in prison and gone to Syria. Anis Bahri had told him that he wanted to fight within the Islamic State and had tried twice to join its ranks, without success.

For the prosecution, the “Argenteuil cell” appeared to “register itself in accordance with the attacks and planned attacks that have been carried out in Europe since 2015”. However, the possible destination remains unknown.

By April 9, a total of seven accused of criminal terrorist conspiracy are due to be tried, some of whom have been legally appealed. Réda Kriket was also dismissed for “using incorrect administrative documents”.

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