Aveyron: 2,000 people this Tuesday evening to support the SAM in Viviez

The Basics About 2,000 people gathered outside the SAM factory in Viviez in Aveyron that Tuesday evening to support the striking workers. A potential Spanish buyer withdrew its takeover file last week. The factory that makes parts for Renault employs 365 people.

Almost 2,000 people gathered in front of the SAM factory in Viviez on Tuesday, April 20, at the end of the day.
A new big mobilization in support of striking workers since April 14th. “Real support from the population,” underlined David Gistau, CGT employee representative.

A few hours before the rally, SAM workers gathered unanimously to renew the strike movement and block the factory “until concrete progress was made in restoring Plan B on the new database (Renault sales and state and regional public aid) and on this basis were included by at least 250 employees. The president of the region, Carole Delga, would have a head start, but the court administrators say they are not aware of it. We leave nothing! ”emphasized Ghislaine Gistau, CGT representative of the Personals who explained the current situation of SAM.

For his part, David Gistau criticized the attitude of ministerial advisers, “who are alarmed by the situation of SAM. But being alarmed is not what we ask of them: we expect the state to put pressure on Renault to reopen SAM to promote under good conditions. “

The speakers were warmly welcomed by the rally participants. Photo DDM, BHSP

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” Hurry up ! “”

Many elected officials from the basin (mayors and municipal councils, departmental councilors), but also from the afterlife (regional councilors, mayor of Onet, deputy Arnaud Viala and Senator Alain Marc) were present in front of the SAM.

François Marty, President of the Municipality of Decazeville and Mayor of Decazeville, spoke on behalf of the elected officials: “In these very difficult times we need all the living forces of the territory, regardless of political denomination. Hurry up ! And negotiations on the future of SAM must resume as soon as possible. It is already very complicated and very long to make job creation easier for our youth for every elected representative, and we cannot accept suddenly losing our last industrial bastion with its hundreds of jobs. In times of uncertainty and fear, you have the support of all elected officials. But that’s not enough. It keeps coming back to developing an acceptable recovery plan, but most importantly, it is very promising for the future. All the ingredients are there for this: motivated, experienced and competent staff, a piece of equipment that needs to be modernized quickly; a piece of equipment that needs to be modernized quickly; a sufficient order book that needs to be diversified. Everyone at our level, united and united, with our skills, we will act together with you to achieve this permanent solution for the employees and the area. “

David and Ghislaine Gistau, CGT staff representatives, explained the situation. Photo DDM, BHSP

Christian Tieulié, Department Council, spoke for All Together and welcomed the unity of the collective regardless of the political or union background of its members. After reading the letter to the Aveyron MPs, he pleaded for an acquisition “for a real company with the ability to diversify, thanks to the know-how of its employees, with a design office and a sales department”.

David Gistau was very moved and applauded by the crowd and emphasized: “It seems that we have to justify ourselves if we only want to work, live and secure a future for our children in this area. Renault and the state have the means “.

Parliamentarians will meet in Rodez on Thursday

The five Aveyron parliamentarians who were asked by the collective Tous Ensemble pour le Bassin Decazevillois will meet this Thursday in Rodez on the initiative of deputy Arnaud Viala.

François Marty and Christian Tieulié spoke on behalf of the elected officials and of All Together. Photo DDM, BHSP

The All Together letter to Aveyron MPs

Here is the letter from the Tous Ensemble pour le Bassin Decazevillois collective, which was sent to the five Aveyron MPs and read to the public on behalf of the Tous Ensemble by Christian Tieulié, Departmental Councilor of Lot-et-Dourdou:

“You are aware of the social situation of the main industry in the Decazevillois Basin and the urgency to act now to ensure a solid plan for job restoration and maintenance.
You have read the exact elements that show that the buyer proposed by Renault and the state has not clarified either the business plan or the investments.
It reserves production references for the Viviez plant, which will become obsolete very quickly, resulting in the fact that the loss of jobs is maximized: 207 out of 357.
How can a takeover bid, as it has so far been formulated by a group with very substantial resources, be supported by the ministry responsible for the necessary industrial recapture in France?
While the know-how of the workers, technicians and engineers is so great that SAM is already producing parts for hybrid and electric cars, which are at the heart of the future strategy presented by Renault’s managers (JDD, April 18, 2021).
Our Aveyron territory cannot bear the costs of a redeployment decided by Renault, in which the state is involved, in favor of Spain or elsewhere.
The strengths and potential of SAM, which the customer and the Ministry of Industry recognized at the last round tables, offer the opportunity to consolidate or even diversify sales and save a number of jobs.
Time is running out seventeen months after receiving it.
We sincerely hope that you will intervene together – as MPs from Aveyronnais – with the head of government so that the conditions can finally be created.
a solid restoration project that will preserve a significant volume of sales, SAM jobs and the economic future of the Decazevillois residential area “.

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