Bad pupils: An awareness campaign for recycling batteries is starting in Île-de-France

If you live in the departments of Val-de-Marne (94), Hauts-de-Seine (92), Seine (75) or Seine-Saint-Denis (93), you may have received a “battery-powered cube” yesterday! And you might be wondering what to do with it!

Between March 15th and March 23rd, 1.8 million battery-powered cubes will be distributed in mailboxes in Ile-de-France. And this operation is launching an awareness campaign in Île-de-France on the initiative of Corepile, an eco-organization responsible for collecting batteries.

Ile-de-France residents, poor students of battery recycling

And this region was not chosen by chance, people from Ile-de-France recycle half as much as others … The recycling of batteries is obvious and they should all be recycled and never thrown away! The 1.8 million battery-operated cubes will therefore reach so many homes in Ile-de-France … And then all you have to do is take them to one of the 1,800 collection points near your home! In Île-de-France, 53.8 million batteries were recycled in 2020, but unfortunately 15% went into household waste!

“Doing the right thing with your used products remains a daily challenge. especially in Ile-de-France, where the collection of cells and batteries is structurally below average. It is important that we do everything in our power to facilitate the sorting and recycling of batteries in this region, ”explains Frédéric HEDOUIN (CEO of Corepile) in a press release. The idea is simple! Since the residents of Ile-de-France do not come to the battery boxes, the battery boxes will arrive at home!

The 1.8 million battery-operated cubes will therefore reach just as many households in the Ile-de-France region. Image credit: Corepile

1800 collection points!

And it shouldn’t be said that the collection points are too far away! 1800 collection points, which are necessarily less than a kilometer from the arrival point of the battery-operated cube … Nothing prevents you from putting a battery-operated cube in your town hall, shopkeeper or school … An important being to fill it with batteries of all kinds that don’t end up in the trash!

And if you are from Ile-de-France but your department is not listed in the selected departments, remember that waste centers and department stores collect all used batteries. All you have to do is remember to drop them off. This isn’t very complicated, and it’s a great idea for the planet! And remember to use rechargeable batteries whenever possible, this is even better for the planet!