Be careful, it is preferable not to cross the elastic bands of the masks behind your ears!

The masks will have talked a lot and it doesn’t seem to be over yet. Apparently, if, like many of us, you cross the elastic bands behind your ears to adjust them better, you are apparently making a mistake! Surgical masks have the disadvantage of not being adjustable, and for some they don’t hold up properly against the face …

The reflex to get it or to avoid fogging up the glasses is to cross the two rubber bands. But more and more doctors believe that this creates the risk of contamination. Effective anti-fogging agents are available for fogging, the recommendations for rubber bands are simple!

According to Doctor Robert Cohen, a child infectious disease specialist at the Hôpital Intercommunal de Créteil, crossing rubber bands would not be a good idea. By crossing the elastic bands you will create holes on each side of the mask. However, a surgical mask must cover the entire face in order to be effective. If the mask allowed air to flow through the sides, we would be less protected, but most importantly, we would be less protective of others.

But how can you adjust it then?

Doctor Cohen therefore recommends tying knots on each elastic band to shorten them instead of crossing the elastic bands! As for perpetual fogging, we now have to deal with that too … However, spray anti-fogging for glasses doesn’t work too badly …

It is recommended to tie knots on each elastic band to shorten them instead of crossing the elastic bands. Photo credit: Shutterstock / jaboo2foto

Finally, don’t panic, the mask with the crossed elastic bands is not an imminent danger either. It just needs to be adjusted correctly … However, there are sizes for children that are suitable for their small faces … Do not use adult sizes for children!

It may be a matter of common sense, but keep in mind that only the FFP2 mask on each side needs to be perfectly waterproof to be effective! Finally, he reminds us that the mask has to cover the nose AND the mouth … We can see so many noses outside the mask that it can be good to give a little reminder!