Be careful, this ingredient in some sunscreens would become carcinogenic over time …

With the coming sunny days, sunscreens will be back on the market … But be careful, a team of French-American researchers has just pointed out an ingredient that would promote cancer. The ingredient in question is octocrylene!

This ingredient is a sun protection filter that can be found in creams, but also in shampoos or moisturizers. This study, published Monday March 8th in the journal Research In Toxicology, shows that octocrylene is converted to benzophenonic benzophenone. The study includes around fifteen sunscreen or anti-aging creams sold in France and the United States.

Sunscreens harmful to the oceans

We’ve already told you about those sunscreens that spread in the world’s seas and polluted the ocean floor. They have even been banned in Palau since last year! And it would be this benzophenone that would be the source of this pollution.

Philippe Lebaron, biologist at the Banyuls-sur-Mer Observatory’s Laboratory for Biodiversity and Microbial Biotechnology (Sorbonne University / CNRS, France), co-author of the study, notes that some manufacturers have already removed this substance in order to preserve the seabed.

But they are also for people

Benzophenone is classified by the WHO International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC / Iarc) as “possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B)”. Again, according to this important study, this substance is responsible for liver cancer and lymphoma in animals.

Some manufacturers have already removed this substance in order to preserve the seabed. Photo credit: Shutterstock / Lijphoto

The benzophenone concentration increases as the product ages. To conduct the tests, the researchers accelerated the aging process for each product and then analyzed the consequences with a mass spectrometer.

If there is very little benzophenone in the products when they are bottled, the speed increases as the product ages. For some products, the concentration increases by 200%. The aim of the researchers is to completely ban this ingredient in body products. In addition, octocrylene is easily absorbed through the skin and can therefore pose a health threat.

But which sunscreen should you choose then?

We have long been supporters of the New Layer Creme, organic and guaranteed environmentally friendly for the oceans. But the most important piece of advice to remember is not to keep a started cream for more than a season! The deadlines indicated on the bottles must be strictly observed! If you prefer a cream “without octocrylene” in the future, do not take any unnecessary risk!